Thursday, October 26, 2006


We have water in the apartment block as of about half an hour ago [though for how long, I wouldn't like to say. Apparently there has been exceptional demand due to the high outdoor temperature - 34 C and that is high even for Sicily at this time of year.] In the end, I rang the private water supplier to whom the comune had contracted the job myself, and begged them to come tonight. Whether that did any good, or whether they were on their way anyway, I do not know, as when they appeared I just told them how glad I was to see them. So now I have had a long soak in a hot bath and the world is looking altogether rosier.


Maria said...

I'm glad you finally have water! I can't believe it's so difficult to get water there!

Hope you had bubbles to go with that bath... There is nothing better than a bubble bath!


Anonymous said...

So is that your problem resolved? What a long wait for a bath. We are certainly not having those temperatures here in the UK today, it is very damp, almost misty, and tonight I am off on a ghost walk in Cambridge for Halloween. Do you celebrate or mark this event in Sicily? I guess I will find out next week.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Hi, M. Yes, I had lots of bubbles, thanks - I needed them!
Hi, Ellee. Well, it's resolved till the next time and there is no way of telling whether they filled the cistern right up or not. As soon as we get a refill, we all fill our emergency containers as well, against the next drying up of the supply, and this doesn't help with the shortage. I can almost smell the weather there from your description. Here Halloween is not celebrated, though people do know about it. But 1st November is an important holiday. Enjoy the ghost walk!


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