Thursday, October 26, 2006


The comune water lorry has been up and down the street three times to my knowledge today: it called at the house next door, only there was no one there to open the gates to it, and apartment blocks up and across the road. The last time I saw it I went down and spoke to the driver, who said he didn't have the requisite piece of paper to allow him to fill up our cistern. It's no good having a go at him - it's not his fault - so I came back up and phoned the water office yet again. This time they said that our block's request had been contracted out to a private water supplier and that they would ring this company immediately. This was at 4pm and it is now 5.45. [Italian officialdom has a different concept of immediacy from the British one!] I think the entire zone must be affected this time as the woman in the house directly facing this condominio is also waiting. My pazienza is not doing very well today!

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