Sunday, June 11, 2006


At night the town is softly and subtly lit and the effect is quite magical, especially when seen from the highest point. Nearby Ragusa is lit in a similar way.

Yesterday friends Giancarlo and Laura called to suggest we all go out for a pizza in the evening. So off we went to the "Irish Pub" in Modica Bassa and I must say they serve very good pizza there. [I can only ever manage about half of the enormous pizze they serve here, though.] Afterwards we strolled up to the Caffè dell'Arte for delicious cannoli; it was very pleasant and cool sitting at an outside table placed in the charming little street to the side of the café.

I love the animated atmosphere of Italian towns at night. In Modica the Corso Umberto [the main street in Modica Bassa] is closed to traffic from about 8pm to 10.30pm on Saturdays. This is not, as in some UK city centres [Cardiff being one of them], because the place is full of drunken yobs and "yobettes", but so that everyone can do the passeggiata - the walk up and down to see and be seen - in safety.

In Britain if you saw a large group of youths coming towards you, especially on a Saturday night, you would feel quite threatened. Here, they are out simply to socialise with each other and to have a good time innocently, so buon divertimento to them. [You would, of course, have to be more on your guard in larger towns all over Italy, particularly around tourist attractions.]

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