Friday, June 23, 2006


"Chi viene ad Ispica compierà 100 anni" = "Come and live in Ispica and you'll live to be 100", they say. [Ispica is a little town of charming balconies about 10 minutes away in the Siracusa direction.]

I was cheered to read* yesterday that an old lady was celebrating her 102nd birthday in a nursing home run by the nuns there. A big party was planned, to be attended by the Mayor and other dignitaries. Sadly, I read* today that the lady died at 10 am yesterday, exactly 102 years and 2 hours after she came into the world. So the flowers intended for her party are now on her coffin.

The party was also intended to be a tribute to the nuns and the good, kind and loving care that they undoubtedly give. In my opinion, they are still to be congratulated.
* Neither of the articles to which I refer is available online.

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