Tuesday, June 27, 2006


I omitted to write on Sunday about the Festa of the Sacro Cuore Church here. I was feeling the heat too much to go out and watch the Parade but in the evening I did hear it pass by to jolly music and could just see, from the balcony, the top of the statue of Christ being taken up the road. Again, it seems to me that joy in your religion is a good thing. Even up here in the flat, I felt uplifted by the event and caught up in the atmosphere. I'd seen pretty lighting hung around the church the previous evening, too.

I do love that charming little church and often go in to contemplate or to have a few words with God, whose mysterious ways I often don't understand or agree with. [I'm not a Catholic - not anything, really - but I am sympathetic to the Catholic faith.]

The photos show the little church as it used to be and as it is now, following a face-lift. I'm not sure which way I prefer it. If I were ever invited onto "Desert Island Discs" [dream on, Welshcakes!] one of my choices would be a recording of the bells of Sacro Cuore.

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Julia Hilbourne said...

Have been away so have just read all your blogs from 'reflections after a year'to 'another festa'.Interesting to hear your feelings about the move & the culture difference. I read this while eating my lunch in work and it took me away somewhere else for half an hour, thank you.


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