Friday, September 20, 2013


Some words of Chinese wisdom spotted in a Modica shop window:

"There is a time to fish and a time to dry the nets."

Most languages have a version of this saying and Modican dialect is not to be outdone:

"Tannu è festa quando veni."  - "Celebrate the festival on the day of the festival." 

Let's listen to a Welsh lady singing Pete Seeger's famous song:

Mary Hopkin - Turn! Turn! Turn!


Lee said...

I've always loved the song. In the early Sixties I, along with my friends were big fans of Pete Seeger and all folk music and artists of that time. They were part of our growth and understanding through our teenage years.

The Limelighters did a cover; and then later, in 1965 the Byrds brought it fame once again.

There are so many wonderful versions of this beautiful song...all great in their own way.

The lyrics come from the Book of Ecclesaistes.

Sean Jeating said...

There is a similar one, – "When fishermen can't go to sea they repair / mend their nets." – but I don't think either of them is thought to get interpreted in the way you did.
To my understanding it says that there's always something to do, something to be done, no need of boredom; that if you can't do one thing for this or that reason, you can do something else that otherwise you'd have not had the time for; that if the sea is too rough you have time to mend your nets, repair your boat, read a good book, ponder your life etc. etc..

But then, I could err . . . :)

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Hi, Lee. yes, I've always liked the dong, too. I also remember the Byrds' version. I am aware that the words are from Ecclesiastes.
Hi, Sean. That's interesting to know.


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