Monday, March 18, 2013


Oh, yes, Sicilians love chips although they try to pretend that patatine consumption is a British vice. Chips appear here on and prior to pizza, with arancini,  as side dishes and with just about everything. People tuck into them using cocktail sticks so that everyone will think they are only having a little taste. As I've said many times before, chip calories don't count when you're out so what could be nicer than a plate of antipasti topped with some of the sinful morsels? 

I then had a main course of scaloppine al limone and very good they were, too. My culinary hero, Italy's  "sexy chef" Carlo Cracco, would say that the strawberry was out of place as it was not integral to the dish, but I thought it was pretty:

My companion enjoyed this fresh sausage pizza:

Some of you have already seen the gel al limone but here it is again [without chips!]


Claude said...

It looks delicious and so colourful!

Rosaria Williams said...


Lee said...

Now I feel like some chips, too! It is lunch time or thereabouts...hmmmmm.....

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Looks wonderful Pat, you have such fab meals ..:-) I would love to try the scaloppine al limone ,, My son (the chef) would say the same about the strawberry too ..

I am surprised they eat "chips" . , mind you they are getting chips everywhere now.

Hope you and Simi are well xx

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

It tasted good too, Claude! Glad you think so, Rosaria. Hope you enjoyed them, Lee. Hi, Anne. Glad your son would agree. Simi and I are both getting older! xx


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