Thursday, November 22, 2012


I was happy to bring you some good news about Modica on Monday but Sicilians' ability to shoot themselves in the foot was in evidence again the very next day when it was reported that 106 out of a total of 126 employees at the town hall had been regularly cheating their employer, the city council. 

The list of misdeeds is endless:  employees were allegedly getting colleagues to clock in for them, going out to the bar or the hairdresser's during working hours, sitting in the car park listening to music instead of working and even, in one case, resetting the clocking-in machine. Some of these employees had already been under investigation for absenteeism.

The Mayor of Modica has let it be known that he considers the Council of Modica to be an injured party in the case.

Vergogna - Shame on those who have brought this lovely city into disrepute.


Lee said...

Lots of fun and games at the council, it would seem. It's seems unbelievable that percentage of employees managed to do what they did!

Who was minding the store???

Rosaria Williams said...

Yes, who was minding the store? And shouldn't they be held accountable as well?

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Hi, Lee. That's a very good question! Hi, Rosaria. One would think so but this is Sicily....


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