Friday, November 09, 2012


The newly elected Governor of Sicily, Rosario Crocetta, appointed singer and composer Franco Battiato as his Regional Councillor for Culture on Tuesday, saying that Sicilians should love their land more, spend more on culture,work together to build a new Sicily and be proud of their identity. 

Franco Battiato, who was born in Riposto [Catania Province] said he didn't want a salary and initially gave the impression that he regarded the position as a part-time one as he didn't want to give up his music.  This remark was seized upon by the media and it was soon being said that the singer was only going to be a kind of "cultural consultant". Today, however, Mr Crocetta made a further announcement in which he confirmed that Mr Battiato will have special responsibility for tourism and entertainment in the region and the singer  says that he intends to organise events which will really put Sicily on the world map.

Mr Crocetta has made it clear that he wants a "committee of intellectuals" to be at the heart of regional government in Sicily as "a place which doesn't value its intellectuals is doomed".

I totally agree and hope that Mr Battiato, who doesn't want to be called Assessore but just plain "Franco", will soon have us all dancing:

Franco Battiato - Voglio vederti danzare 

Alice - Il vento caldo dell'estate  [The Warm Wind of Summer ] 
[Alice , Battiato, Messina, Pio.]

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