Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Guys, you are going to hate this post!

Sicilian proverb:
Fimmina vana, non vale cinque grana = A vain woman isn't worth 10 centesimi.

There being no department stores this side of Catania [I think I'm right in this and if I'm wrong, somebody tell me and let me at 'em!] there are no beauty consultants from any one company in the perfumeries. Rather, the perfumeries you frequent will ring you to tell you that "viene la beauty" from Clinique/Clarins/Lancôme/other make-up company when that particular beautician is in town [usually once or twice a year]. So this morning off I trotted to consult la beauty di Clarins: "Now, what have you got that will work a miracle?" I began, ever the optimist. Out came all the pots and potions, serums and masks and, of course, I fall for it every time!
It must be my skin or something but the only way I can get my eye make-up to stay on [especially in the summer heat when it can just melt] is to apply a Clinique eye base first: this has just not been available in Italy and, having used up the two I bought in the UK in October, I was beginning to despair. [I have written to Clinique about this to no avail so I was going to ask a friend to send some over.] But the other day I found that their new "touch tint" for eyes has arrived here - and ladies, it works! [Believe me, I have tried so many other bases /fixative sprays / glue that I have a whole drawerful!]
I do miss a good Clarins facial: I've been to beauty salons here but have not found the experience particularly relaxing because they do not put the heating on in winter. James won't agree, but the reluctance of Italians to switch on the heating is something I'll never understand! Anyway, come on, Clarins: if you are going to sell your make-up here it's about time you trained the perfumery owners to administer your facials!


sally in norfolk said...

I don't have these problems as i do not wear any make up apart from lipstick.... but i do have my eye lashes dyed...

Anonymous said...

Now, I'm a guy as you know. But being married to a woman who loves clothes, shoes, bags, and has more make up then I would know what to do with, I'm used to these things. God bless the women that take care of themselves.

Lord Nazh said...

One of the worst things to happen to society is the fact that women somehow feel they are less beautiful because they don't have paint on.

Be you, you are beautiful in and of yourself.

Ruthie said...

You might try putting on liquid concealer as a base if you don't have any of your favorite eye base available, it tends to work pretty well.

Liz Hinds said...

I asked the Clinique lady for advice yesterday, expecting to end up buying several products but she just gave me advice! And I wasn't pressurised at all - except to be more devout about my skin care!

If you find a product that gets rid of deep worry lines - going up from the tip of my nose into my forehead - please tell me: I need a miracle there!

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Hi, Sally. That is very daring, having your eyelashes dyed! I've thought of that but never had the nerve... Steve, you are a gent! Hello, LN. Oh, I'm so used to it now I'd feel "undressed" any other way. But thank you! Ruthie, thank you. I will try it. Hi again, Liz. I haven't found a miracle for the worry lines, I'm afraid! Hey, you got those shoes yet?!

Lee said...

I must get some of that Clinique eye-base, Welsh...thanks for that info. I love eye make-up. I always have. I have the same trouble here in our summers as you do with eye make-up, so Clinique...here I come!

Ruthie...the liquid concealer doesn't seem to work in summer, for me, at least.

I don't wear heavy make-up when I go out, but I do like wearing make-up discreetly and carefully applied. I think it makes one feel good...so there's nothing wrong in that, I believe!

jmb said...

Well I can't talk about the makeup, since I only wear it when I get dressed up and then the only eye make-up is eyeshadow.

But I'll comment on the heating a little. My daughter's inlaws in Biella always obey the heating rules so I have been freezing in their house in May. They have this four storey stone house built in the 1300s which was remodelled to have hot water heating. But they obey whatever current restrictions there are and so everyone huddles around the fire instead.
I much prefer the profligate heating ways of North America since I can't stand the cold.

elleeseymour said...

I agree with you about the base for the eye shadow, why not try using a light coating of foundation.

I love a facial too and can recommend Elemis if that is available. But Clarins is lovely too.

Yes, Sally is very daring, I'm still trying to get her to wear a daily face cream, with all the walking she does, it is so important for her to protect her skin.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Hi, Lee. Yes, I recommend the Clinique for staying power! I haven't gone out without full make-up on since I was about 14 and I don't intend to start now! Hi, jmb. Yes, the heating restrictions are a pain, especially when the houses are not in the least cosy. I really feel the cold in friends' homes here as I have Reynaud's. Hi, ellee. Thanks, I've tried using foundation but it just won't stay on when the temp soars to 46C. I'll have to buy up all supplies of the Clinique, I think. No Elemis here. I had a hot stones facial before Xmas and that was good, but the salon was so cold! I agree - Sally N must wear an SPF skin cream. I never go out without 2 layers of total sunblock on my face here, even in winter.


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