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UPDATE: Here is a link to an English version of the Hugh Grant story.
The Prince Harry story has received little coverage here today, though of course people know about it. If you want my opinion he shouldn't go simply because his presence will put other soldiers at greater risk. And it's no good saying he "is like any other soldier". He is not: for a start, he has bodyguards and secondly he has not exactly had to join the army in order to earn a living, has he?

What has received massive coverage here is the Hugh Grant story: Now, I might be a mundane sort of person but three things worry me about this tale:
[1] Why would a man like HG have to go out to get some baked beans at 10am?
[2] Why were they in a plastic container? Baked beans in Britain come in tins [or have I been away too long?!]
[3] Where was the rest of his "great British breakfast"?


Janejill said...

We think alike Welshcakes! i am imagining that perhaps there is a gourmet baked bean shop in Chelsea? Although "they" do say he is a snob, so maybe it was a can of oysters and the media want to upset him by implying he is a Baked bean sort of person?
I agree totally about Prince Harry - what a waste of resources and a risk to the men around him. hope your weather is improving...

jmb said...

No opinion on Prince Harry. Didn't Prince Andrew go to the Falklands when England went to war against them? I think he was a helicopter pilot there.

Now the Hugh Grant story is a bit strange. Full coverage by the Corriere della sera. Couldn't resist his arrest in LA, 12 years ago.
By the way it was probably mixed bean salad he was buying from his trendy round- the- corner deli. Maybe he breakfasted early and it was to go with lunch or brunch.

Funny how Four Weddings and a Funeral was also trotted out. I loved that film and also About a Boy. I also love Nick Hornby.
OK, I'm leaving now.

Anonymous said...

When I read the story about Hugh on the internet. I had to laugh. Baked beans for the crew outside. Love it.

Lee said...

But he has to go, doesn't he? He is no different than any other soldier, when you look at it. Other mothers, grandmothers and families have to deal with the trauma of their loved ones going to a war is the reality of life...unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

I think it was Prince Andrew that went to the Falklands. I may be mistaken.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

janejill, jmb, that could be the answer! There I was imagining the lad to be undernourished! Our weather is peculiar at the moment - hot in the mornings [27C], then stormy in the afternoon and cold in the evenings.Jmb, Steve, yes, Prince Andy went to the Falklands. But they go with bodyguards and it's all a nonsense, in my opinion. Jmb, I liked "4 Weddings" but have not seen "About a Boy". Like Nick Hornby, too. Steve, love it too. Hi, Lee. He should go in that he is a soldier but he is going to cost the country re his security and put others at great risk. Then there is this report that he is going to leave the army if they won't let him go - we don't know if that's true, of course - but I didn't think you could just "leave " the army. Jo Bloggs can't, anyway! I just dislike the royals, going round with a chestful of medals when they haven't been near any real danger and pretending they are serving their country like others. For a start, they live lives of immense privilege for whatever they do and no one is going to let him be killed. So other soldiers might feel they have to protect him and not themselves.

elleeseymour said...

He obviously had a row with Jemima.

Now didn't our previous princes go to war without any bother? I think he should go, it's what he wants to do and exceptions should not be made.

James Higham said...

Having not read this story, I eagerly followed your link, Wekshcakes:

...di essersi appostato mercoledì verso le 10 di mattina nei pressi della casa dell'attore in un elegante quartiere nell'ovest della capitale...

Well, thank you for that. That makes it all clear to me now.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Hi, Ellee. I'm not saying he shouldn't go because an exception should be made for him. I just think he is going to be a risk for everybody else. Previous princes went to war but without encountering any danger - not in the 20th century anyway.
James, sorry. I only put an Ital link to show it was being covered here. Anyway, Hugh Grant threw a "box" of baked beans at a paparazzo and then, apparently, made a remark about the photographer's children. The latter went to the police and HG was arrested.

Ruthie said...

What a shame.

Hugh Grant is so adorable.

Neither of those stories were covered here.

Maria said...

My heart is broken, I love Hugh Grant all his silliness aside. Besides Colin Firth there is no other leading man in a drama I prefer to see, ok GEORGE CLOONEY aside for he is the love of my life. lol

I can't imagine what it's liked to be stalked by paparazzi and I truly believe Hugh was in his rights, to pop him one. Apparently no one learned anything after Dianna and it's just sad sad sad!

Sorry for long rant...

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Hi, Ruthie. Yes, he is adorable. I just want to nurture him! Surprised the HG story is not covered over there; re the Harry one, you have more sense than we British, because it's a non-story! Ciao, M. Sorry my post broke your heart! Oh, Colin Firth in that wet shirt ....!! But I agree, GC has the edge! No , it seems no one learns, even 10 years later.. Feel free to rant over here any time! Auguri a tutti dalla Sicilia.

Ballpoint Wren said...

Our deli markets send baked beans home with the customer in plastic containers. But enough of Hugh!

The Falkland Islands were a different story; a more "civilized" conflict in that no prisoners of war were harmed like they have been in this war. And none of the combatants had specifically threatened to seek out and kidnap Prince Andrew.

But insurgents have announced their intentions to seek him out. If they catch him I'm sure they'll make a terrible video of his beheading.

If he does go, he should dye his hair, go under an assumed name, whatever he needs to do to hide the fact he is a prince.

Articles like this seem to bolster the argument that other soldiers will be put in harm's way in order to protect him.

It's a very difficult question.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Hi, Bonnie. Yes, it's very difficult and it's all the fault of the people advising the Royals, who should never have let him go into the Army in the first place. I agree that this is a completely different kind of war and they will go all out to kidnap him. MAdness all round!


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