Thursday, April 19, 2007


I have begun to contribute some ramblings to FauxNEWS, because I want to write about matters outside Sicily as well and I don't have the energy or technical skills to maintain two blogs of my own! Do take a look if you're interested. I am posting as Patzmaria over there.


elleeseymour said...

Welshcakes, You will lose your identity blogging on another site with another name. Your name is your brand, that name is Welshcakes. Could I advise you to please have a rethink and consider posting on these issues on your own blog, perhaps change the name of your site if you wish, but keep the Url, don't lose your readers, confuse them, or make it difficult for them. I see you have to log in and register with the other site, that in itself is a pain. I would like Welshcakes to continue writing on this site.

Anonymous said...

What you wrote is good, but I for one have been overwhelmed with what the broadcasters are sending out. Way too much in my opinion. The guy was sick and what he did was sick. I'm not one to enjoy watching misery being played over and over. I only hope that something like this doesn't happen again, but I'm afraid it will. The world we have today is not the one I grew up in and it will never be the same again. Unfortunately.

I agree with Ellee about posting on your own site. I didn't make a comment at the other one, because, like Ellee said, It's a pain.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Ellee, Steve, thank you both for commenting and telling me frankly what you think. I very much appreciate your concern. I'll leave this one open for a while..

Lee said...

I don't believe that by posting on FauxNEWS, Welsh is wrong. She was invited to place a post on the is and was her decision to do so. Perhaps, Welsh should have used her name "Welshcakes" but that is her decision and it can easily be changed.

I was the one who invited Welsh to post, if she wanted to do so at any time, on FauxNEWS as it is also a blog I run with "Wino" nick in FauxNEWS is "Dagny"...and I, by no means, believe I've lots my identity by using that nick as I've used it for years. Many know that it is me.

If you recall, Ellee and both have been invited to post in there any time you wish. Steve politely told me he wasn't interested and that is fair enough. I respect his decision and you know that, Steve. :)

Please don't beat upon Welsh for writing something she believes in...just for writing it in my blog. I would suggest Welsh place it in this blog as I believe the more who read what she has written, the better...that's just my humble opinion.

I certainly didn't mean to cause any dissent...and hope I've not done so...and I definitely didn't and don't mean to cause Welsh any distress of my and Wino's invitation to her to post in our blog.

Don said...

I didn't know that it was a pain to sign in to post in the other blog. It should allow cookies, and you can give a fake email address, if you like. I put in the verification to deter spammers and advertiser 'bots. Ellee, I can register you as anything you want, if you like. Once logged in, you should be able to stay logged in.

As Dagny/Lee said, the both of you were asked to post to FauxNEWS, as well. We're looking for an international perspective there, with thinking people posting. Left or right, conservative or liberal, or whatever viewpoint. We just want folks to comment from their own perspective.

The only editing I ever do there is to delete spam comments, which means, basically, advertising for advertising's sake.

I would probably do a little judicious editing of swear words, as well... just because there is typically no need to WRITE such things. Stubbed toes don't make you write the things you say.

Wino, aka Don

Anonymous said...

Lee, my apologies. I meant no disrespect to you, Welshcakes or the FauxNEWS site. To be honest, I forgot that it was your site. Enough said, I'll learn to keep my mouth shut.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Just a quick note re my using another name on FauxNEWS: when I first tried to log in, I put WCLC and it wouldn't accept it - I was probably doing something wrong. So then I tried with my Ital nickname and it worked so I left well alone! I might change it to WCLC or I might not - we'll see. My url for this blog is there for all to see, anyway. Steve, no need to keep your mouth shut! Blogging's about saying what you think. Lee, Don, thanks for your support. I don't know about copying the post onto here as it would change the nature of this blog. Still thinking...

Lee said...

Thanks Welsh...and I agree with your indecision on posting your FauxNEWS post in here, even though I originally suggested doing so. I think it's best to keep them separate.

That's why Wino/Don and I have FauxNews (it is a play on words "Fox News" no doubt everyone has noticed)....I don't post my stories or other bits in pieces that I write in my own blog, Kitcon., in FN...the content in both blogs differ...and that's the way they're meant to be.

Anyway, no harm done...fortunately we enjoy the right of free you can open your mouth again, Steve. Oops...thank goodness, you already have! ;)

All's well that ends well.


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