Thursday, April 19, 2007


According to figures released yesterday, Siracusa in Sicily has the least absenteeism from work in all Italy. It has just got to be the Mediterranean diet, though you might, then, ask what is different in the food of the Siracusani to that of the rest of Mediterranean Italy; or could it just be that the town authorities are more rigorous in their checks on workers taking sick leave? [The medico fiscale comes round to make sure you are sick here!] - No, that is an unkind supposition. Mind you, James had an interesting post yesterday which suggested that, given the amount of cured meat on offer here, Italians should be rather unhealthy! As I commented, I can only assume that the fresh fruit and vegetables counteract the effects.
But what is going on here? According to this poll, the Italians are not at all the happy bunnies the rest of us usually suppose them to be! Those interviewed must have been waiting in post office queues all over Italy!
[If you are new to this blog, you can read about my post office bugbear here.]


Janejill said...

why did I ever leave Ireland..just think how happy I would have been.. I don't think they took little white lies into account?

jmb said...

Well I certainly think a visit by the medico fiscale, whoever that might be, would discourage you unless you were very ill. Is that all over Italy or just in Sicily, welshcakes?

The results of the poll are quite interesting. I always thought you would be happier the closer you got to the better weather in the south. Suicides certainly are more prevalent in the cold dark north. All very mysterious. Verification word olius!

Newmania said...

I noticed that they are the only ones about as miserbale as us are they not .This strikes me as strange ...there is so much to be happy about in both countries.

British middle aged men were, by the wat, the most miserbale group of all.

Hurrah for me

Anonymous said...

Those interviewed must have been waiting in post office queues all over Italy! This is a funny line. Germans don't appear to be much happier.

Lee said...

It must be the queues, could be from nothing else! ;)

I've never believed in "sickies"...and never took them....I actually relinquished fourteen years of accumulated sick days in a company I worked for years ago. I've always believed there might be that time you really do need them. (I worked for the company for fourteen years).

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Hi, janejill. Probably not! The medico fiscale appears to check on you all over Italy if you call in sick, jmb. Yes, it's a surprising poll result, isn't it? Nice verification word! Hurrah for you indeed, Mr N. Hi, Steve. Oh, well, the Itals and the Germans can be miserable together, then. Hi, Lee. Yes, must be the PO's fault! Agree with you re sickies.


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