Monday, May 01, 2006


Last night, the statue of San Giorgio was brought up to the Sorda. Everyone was gathered around the little church by about 18.30 and, as the statue was marched up the road, accompanied by a jolly band, I happily joined in the chants of "Gio.. Gio... Giorgio!" [I do think it's good, if you have a religion, to derive some enjoyment from it.] Then Georgy was taken into the church for a blessing, which didn't last long, out he came again, the chanting was repeated and we all followed him up the Via Resistenza Partigiana and along the Hospital road. I left him then, to come and get Simi to take her for her walk, and as we came out, there was the procession coming back up our street. I'm glad Simi saw the saint of her new town too! At around 22.00, we knew he was safely back in the Cathedral, as we heard the fireworks.

Above is San Giorgio coming out of the church.

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