Friday, May 19, 2006


Sicilian proverb:
Carni fa carni, pani fa panza, vinu fa danza = "Meat makes flesh, bread makes a stomach and wine makes you dance."

According to an article [not available online] in La Sicilia today, Sicilians are getting fatter and I, siciliana d'adozione as Irma calls me, am no exception: I've certainly put on weight since I've been here and this is mostly caused by eating at lunchtime, which I rarely did in the UK. Colette wrote that gluttony is one of the few pleasures left to the ageing woman, so I may or may not do something about it!

I do miss "ladies who lunch" - female friends who will come out to lunch with you [hubby, if not at work, can fend for himself] for girl-talk or, in professional circles, networking. There was an article a while back in one of the newspapers here lamenting the fact that Italian women just don't do this.

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