Wednesday, May 31, 2006


- that's Phil as in Queen Elizabeth Windsor's hubby - rarely agree on anything [a fact which I'm sure causes His Royal Highness great concern]. However, I thought, initially, that there was going to be an exception when last week he pronounced Olympic opening ceremonies to be a waste of time.

I hate all sport, so I don't watch it, follow it or heed its ceremonials. Oh, all right, I allowed myself ever such a little "hooray" when Wales won the "Grand Slam" in 2005 and I'd sing along to "Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau" at the beginning of rugby matches, but that's because I like the song. Then I would switch off the TV.

But for some reason I did happen to watch the opening ceremony of the Turin Winter Olympics this year and astonished myself by cheering the Italian team at the top of my voice when they came out - not because of their sporting prowess, of which I know nothing, but because, in their Moschino shiny coats, they were the best-dressed of the lot!

So sorry, Phil - we continue to differ.

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