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Image:  Wikimedia Commons

Sicilians believe that nothing succeeds like excess when it comes to entertaining visitors and when Pope Benedict visits Palermo on Sunday he will be feted with the best food the island can offer.  Chef Mario di Ferro will prepare the following menu for the Pope, his entourage and other dignitaries at the newly restored Palazzo Arcivescovile:

Antipasti:  caponata;  crocchettine di latte [vegetable croquettes]; verdure in pastella [vegetables in batter]; panelline [chickpea "chips"].
Primi:  Involtini di melanzana  [aubergine roulades]; risotto di frutti di mare [seafood risotto].
Secondo: filetto in crosta [fillet in pastry]; vegetable sides.
Dolci:  pistacchio and mandarin gelato;  cassata siciliana.

The Pope will also be served a confection of almond paste and pistacchi in the shape of the Trinacria, prepared by the Fiasconaro Brothers of Castelbuono.  This will be served with passito di Pantelleria, a liqueur made from pressed grapes.

Pope Benedict, by all accounts, is a man of modest eating habits so I'm sure he won't manage it all.  I also hear that he drinks only orange juice at meals and at least he is arriving in the right season for that!

I wish him buon appetito and a happy day in Sicily, where much enthusiasm and love await him.

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Garden of Archbishop's Palace, Palermo. 
Photo: Bernhard J. Scheuvens aka Bjs
via Wikipedia Italia


Scintilla said...

I was just thinking that if he eats all that he'll get heart burn...buon appetito!

fullet said...

I look forward to reading your post on the Pope's visit. He will come to the Sagrada Família in Barcelona in November, and we're already worried!

lakeviewer said...

Just the cassata would be sufficient for me! Buon Appetito!

Gledwood said...

The Pope's coming to Palermo? Wow.
As you must know, he came to Britain a couple of weeks or so ago. I'm afraid he (and the one before, who are the only 2 popes I remember) makes me skin crawl... Calling himself the "Holy Father" ~ a title that surely belongs to God alone

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

HI, Scintilla. Yes, he will! Hi, fullet. Not sure if I'll post on it as Palermo is a long way from here. I didn't know he was coming to Barcelona. Hi, lakeviewer. Me, too. Hi, Gleds. Yes, I saw the coverage of his UK visit. I don't think he's so bad.

jams o donnell said...

I can't say I am fond of this pope either. Still I am sure e will get a warm welcome in Sicily

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Hi, jams. Yes, a great welcome.


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