Monday, October 04, 2010


Love and the trouble it can cause have been subjects much on my mind lately so let's see what the wry Sicilians have to say about it all.

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Match the proverbs 1 - 6 with their meanings a - f .  For answers, highlight the space indicated at the end of the post and they will appear;  they really will;   it's magic, just like love!

1.  Amuri, biddizzi e denari su' tri cosi ch' un' si ponnu ammucciari.

2.  Amuri, tutti dìcinu ch'è amaru, e ognunu voli pruvari siddu è veru.

3.  Lu veru amuri 'ntra lu cori appigghia megghiu di la linazza e di la pagghia.

4.  Pi fari beni l'amuri ci voli 'a forza rê picciuotti e 'u pitittu rê viecci.

5.  'U veru amuri nun anvecchia mai.

6.  Nun c'è rosa senza spini, nun c'è amuri senza peni.

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a.  True love never grows old.

b.  There is no rose without a thorn and there is no love without pain.

c.  Love, beauty and money are three things which cannot be hidden.

d.  Everyone says love is bitter and everyone wants to find out if this is true.

e.  To make love well you need the strength of the young and the desire of the old.

f.  Real love ignites hearts better than flax or straw.

Highlight the space below for answers:
1c; 2d; 3f; 4e; 5a; 6b.


Winchester whisperer said...

Has your friend arrived yet?

Ellee Seymour said...

Yes, has he?

I love those romantic sayings.

fullet said...

They're so true and sound lovely in the Sicilian language. I read in the Wikipedia that a few Sicilian words (like ammucciari) come from Catalan (amagar) as a result of the influence of the Kingdom of Aragon in 13th century in Sicily.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Hi, WW and Ellee. No, I think it will be a while yet. Hi, fullet. Yes, I'm sure that is correct about the Sicilian words.

Anonymous said...

Re Proverb(e) - but what guidance can be offered for those poor people with the strength of the old and the desire of the young? (I'm only asking because a friend is too shy to, of course :)

Just dropping by to see how Sicily is getting on.

Good wishes from Sunny Scotland.

Har said...

Pi fari beni l'amuri ci voli 'a forza rê picciuotti e 'u pitittu rê viecci.

Why the spelling of "of" as "rê"; and the spelling of "old" as "viecci"?


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