Wednesday, July 02, 2014


It had been a long time since the postwoman brought me something pleasant so imagine my delight today when a completely unexpected package arrived from Britain. It contained goodies from my friend Carol King, who last week visited Wales for the first time:

The coloured card shows three very woolly sheep and says, "Rush hour in Abergavenny".  Below it are three fridge magnets - Cardiff Castle, the cutest dragon and a "Patricia" magnet with a picture of a daffodil.  The other cards have the text of the Lord's Prayer in Welsh and in Italian. Perhaps now my students will believe me when I tell them that the Welsh language is completely different from English! The slate beermat says, "Happiness is having Welsh friends."  Happiness is also having friends like Carol!

I loved the television series Call the Midwife so I was very happy to receive this book as well. I can't wait to read it!

Thank you, Carol.


Betty said...

How nice of your friend to remember you that way.

I've heard so much about that series. Is it out on DVD? I'm always late seeing these things. I had to play catch up with Downton Abbey.

Lee said...

How great it is to receive something unexpected and nice in the mail. :)

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

How wonderful to get a surprise package , I got one this week too , from my friend in Paris . Great to have good friends.

I am shocked that your students don't believe that the Welsh language is completely different to English ,,

Whispering Walls said...

Are you coming over this summer WL?

Trubes said...

How kind and thoughtful of your friend WelshCakes...
I feel a little guilty now,

As you know we have had several holidays in Wales one of my favourite places in the UK, so I must find some more memorabilia for you..
I do hope you are keeping well.

love to you and Darling Simi.
Chloe is sitting on the Patio taking in the last of the embers of the evening sun setting.
She says Purr Purrr zzzzzng.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Hi, Betty. Yes, it was so kind of her. And yes, the series is on DVD. Hi, Lee. Yes, it is. Hi, Anne, Glad you got one too! They have no idea about the countries of the UK! No, I wouldn't leave Simi now, WW.

Unknown said...

Hello. I have just come across your blog and your lovely post. I too am a Welsh girl who blogs about Italy. Your post has sparked some pride in me. Italy is an amazing place but I just LOVE being Welsh :-) thanks for a lovely blog - I will be sure to follow :-)

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Hello, Anneka. Thank you for your kind words and it's lovely to meet you.

Unknown said...

A pleasure and lovely to meet you too :-)


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