Wednesday, July 30, 2014


It's getting on for five years since Italy banned the distribution of plastic carrier bags in shops but I'm still the only person in Modica who carries a shopping bag. I'm also the only person who walks everywhere. People do now produce fabric shopping bags from their car boots or the depths of their handbags to use at the checkout but they wouldn't be seen dead carrying them any further than the distance from the supermarket doors to their cars unless they were by Prada! Therefore I shouldn't really have been surprised when, walking into the hairdresser's this afternoon carrying a rather inelegant shopper, I was greeted with a firm, "Questa borsa non va" ["That bag won't do"] and was then presented with this prettier [and seasonal] substitute:

Two of my students have just come back from London and have seen to it that I do not lack one British essential:

And I have finally imbibed enough cups of coffee in the bar opposite to be rewarded with this rather snazzy cup and saucer:

A very pleasant day!


Lee said...

We still have plastic shopping bags well as the fabric ones. I use both. My groceries get put into the plastic ones at the checkout; and then I transfer them (the goods still in the plastic shopping bags) into the fabric ones - I keep a pile of them in the boot/trunk of my car - when I'm loading my purchases into my car. I find it easier that way when unloading after I arrive back home - from my car into my kitchen for unpacking

And then the plastic bags are used for kitchen garbage disposal. If I didn't use them, I'd have to buy plastic bags to do a similar job. And I don't care what either bag looks like...they're placed into my shopping trolley and taken directly to my car. They do the job they're meant to do and aren't a fashion accessory.

Actually, I don't use handbags at any time. I just use my holds all that I need...and it's large enough to hold two pairs of reading glasses...a pair for up close and personal reading of the fine print...and the other for long range viewing! :)

Lee said...

I meant to add...but I thought my post was morphing into a novel so I stopped while I was ahead and before saying - your gifts of tea and the coffee cup/saucer are great. :)

Whispering Walls said...

Tanti auguri WL!

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Hi, Lee. I like your "novel"! Interesting to read how it is over there. Yes, I reuse the supoermarket bags . now recyclable ones that we have to pay for - for the rubbish, too.
Grazie WW ma non è il mio compleanno!


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