Friday, April 13, 2012


"Tempus fugit", for here we are at the end of Easter week and I haven't yet shown you the culinary delights offered at Linda and Chiara's Easter Day feast, so I will put that right immediately.

Grazia not only made the stunning bread dough centrepiece, but this dish of tagliatelle:

Then there was roast lamb with potatoes and even mint sauce!

 Sunday isn't Sunday in Sicily without chicken cotolette:

There was chicken that had been slowly cooked in wine too:

And there were bacon rolls:

Time flies, as do doves and of course there was an Easter colomba:

I'd made some of my chocolate thingies, as everyone seems to like them. [It's getting difficult to find Amarena Fabbri down here so I used German black cherries in syrup from the blessed Lidl.]

Linda and Chiara had made this tart of frutti di bosco and pears:

And later a friend brought round these home-made Sicilian cassate, without which Easter cannot be complete:

While time sets about flying, waist lines take to widening, so next week we diet!


RNSANE said...

I knew I shouldn't stop by to see you.....I could have devoured my computer! What a wonderful feast you had. I was in Hong Kong for Easter..spent five days there on the way home from India...such a contrast..I did indulge myself on one very expensive, decadently superb Chinese meal.

Am now back in San Francisco, where is has been storming and rainy and my joints ache. I visited my doc yesterday and I lost 25 pounds during my sojourn in India...I weighed in right before I headed to Mumbai. That is great...I hope to go back soon and, perhaps, if I'm lucky, another 25 pounds will come off!

Liz Hinds said...

Uh-ummmm! Looks delicious.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

What an adventure you have had, Carmen - I think I need a trip to India too!
And it was, Liz.

Linda said...

Everything looks fantastic. I love roast lamb! Thank you for sharing.

James Higham said...


I have this here right now but it's nothing like your delight.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Hi, Linda. I thought I'd already replied to your comment but something must have gone wrong. Anyway, I love roast lamb too! Ah, no one makes pasta like Grazia, James.


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