Saturday, February 18, 2012


I am pleased to be able to report that things have gone more smoothly since my last post on this year's festival but anything could happen tonight!  We are promised more from Mr Celentano, by the way, but have been told that his appearance will be limited to 30 minutes, to include three songs.  At least he hasn't got a tattoo - that I know of....

Here is my pick of the songs left in the competition:

On the first night, I immediately liked this song and its singer but I'm not sure that another philosophical song can win:  

Eugenio Finardi - E tu lo chiami Dio

Link in case embedding is disabled

The words "I don't give names to things that are greater than I am" appeal to me.

Then I decided that this would also be a worthy winner:

Noemi - Sono solo parole

Link in case embedding is diasabled

And on Wednesday I took a liking to this song, written by its performers:

Pierdavide Carone e Lucio Dalla - Nani

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This is a strong contender too:

Arisa - La notte

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The hairstyle-trend-setting singer Emma Marrone, usually known just as Emma, is popular with young people so she may well win, though her song would not be my choice:

Emma - Non è L'Inferno

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I'm afraid I don't like the hot pants either - they were a cruel fashion the first time around and they are a cruel fashion now. They remind me of this:

Clodagh Rogers - Jack in the Box - Eurovision 1971

Gosh, was it that long ago?!

And I have to mention Chiara Civello, who was born in Rome to Modican parents and whom I have seen live in concert here. Tony Bennett has described her as "the best jazz singer of her generation". Her song was eliminated last night but it is rather pretty:

Chiara Civello - Al posto del mondo

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Well, I'm off to watch the rest of the show and vote!  Hope you enjoy it if you can watch from where you are and, if you can't, that you will like the clips.

May the best song win.

UPDATE - 19.2.12 at 01.19

And the winner is.... Emma.

So now we can all go back to talking about the euro.


RNSANE said...

Well, I found this a lovely way to start my Sunday morning her in Mumbai. I am not sure who I like best so I will leave it up to your Italian fan base to make that decision. I like that there is a selection from all age groups in the competition.

J. M. P. said...

Emma? I would have never guessed that. I found a good web streaming for the show and watched the beginning, but the gaps between songs filled with "parole, parole" by the hosts were killing me and gave up. I'm starting to love Gianni Morandi though, just like all Italians seem to do, and if next year he hosts this show again I might become as Italian as they come. I think the final outcome was good for me because I've just read that Nina Zilli got her ticket to Eurovision song contest and I'll watch her performing again soon. She was really nice. But Emma?... Yes, let's talk about the euro.

Thank you so much for your report!

LindyLouMac said...

Your report on the festival has been very comprehensive Pat, but I wonder whom you voted for?

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

I'm very pleased that you enjoyed the clips, Carmen and that's a ghood point about the age groups. Hi, Josep. Poor Gianni looked really tired by the end of it, with all the filling he had to do - drove me crazy! A disappointing result after all that. Yes, good about Nina. Hi, LindyLouMac. Well, on the first night I voted for Finardi, then I voted for him, Lucio Dalla's song and Noemi and by the fourth night I was voting for Arisa as well, given that we were each allowed 5 votes per night. But last night I just voted for Finardi and Noemi.


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