Friday, January 13, 2012


On the day that Italy has had its credit rating downgraded by one of the absurd ratings agencies, I thought I would share with you the cheerful news that, if you happen to live in the town of Ragusa, there is no escape from the eurozone crisis, not even when you reach that great financial market in the sky.

The Corriere di Ragusa reports that, on New Year's Eve, while everyone else was preparing to celebrate, the city councillors of Ragusa held a jolly meeting at which it was decided to increase the cost of burials in the city's cemetery from €20 to €50,  that of entombment from €31 to €100 and that of exhumations - necessary because after a certain period your remains are removed to a slot in the wall - from €23 to €100.

As Dorothy Parker famously said, "You might as well live."

Update: Clarification in view of comments
Perhaps I should clarify that the costs mentioned above are for the physical acts of entombment, burial and, eventually, exhumation.  They do not take into account the additional costs of the cemetery plot or the funeral.


Sean Jeating said...

Oh! Burials are such cheap?

In case I misunderstood, please do forgive me.
In my tiny village – as only these days I learned – already a most humble burial does cost 5.000 Euro.
This does include the cost of the coffin, the rent of the (tiny) chapel (for the funeral), and the very simple tomb slab (500 Euro).
Not to put ones (nearest) relatives one ought to save in time, in order to be able to pay ones own funeral.
Bucking fastards!, if I may say so.

Anyway, with 13/14 days delay: A happy new year to you and those you love, Lady Limoncello; beginning with lots of health ...

Tom Paine said...

I can't understand why everyone is siding with the politicians against economic reality. If you look at France and Italy's debts - and their politicians stubborn refusal to acknowledge reality - it seems to me that the ratings still flatter them.

And those are very cheap burials, btw.

Rosaria Williams said...

Ah, even the cost of dying is going up everywhere!
I can tell you from my experience this summer, that the cost of a casket, rental of a chapel and a priest, and preparation of the corpse will run you to more than $7,000. The cemetery plot is another cost.
Dying is a major expense.

J. M. P. said...

I do not agree with the comments about politicians who refuse to take drastic budgetary measures. The cuts only lead us to a global market where decisions are taken by a few wealthy families. Meanwhile, Wall Street is still behaving as if it were great, when in fact it is the solely responsible for a massive loss of jobs and the current economic failure. And all they do is save themselves. This price hike in Ragusa is just one more abuse without justification.

Patricia said...

Those burial costs sound small to me in comparison to what we just encountered in Los Angeles. We went to make arrangements to prepay for burial costs for my mother to help her "spend down" her assets. My husband said it was worse than talking to salesman about the purchase of a new car! About $8,000 USD. Cremation and scattering of ashes is sounding more appealing.

jams o donnell said...

Ach with burial prices the way they are I'm sure that Shirl will get a bin liner and put me out with the rest of the rubbish!

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Hi, Sean. These costs do not take into account the funeral or the purchase of the cemetery plot, which would bring the costs up to near those you mention. I hope you have a better new year, too.

Well, Tom,we will never agree about this. SWo many ordinary people are suffering because of the mistakes of politicians, yes - but politicians are what they are, not all economic experts. Many of us think it absurd that so much misery can be caused on the say so of some comfortable, well remunerated people in an office somewhere. Personally I hope the whole rotten capitalist system is about to break down. Please see above regarding the burial costs.

Hello, Rosaria. Yes, indeed it is and the cost of a funeral here would bring the total to nearer €4,000.

I totally agree with you, Josep.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Hi, Patricia. As I've just said on the update to the post, these costs do not take into account the price of a cemetery plot or a funeral. Even so, I think the total cost would be about half the price you mention for over there. It's all relative, of course, with salaries being very low here.
I'm sure she won't, jams and anyway, I'm also sure the day is a long way ahead!

Rachel Cotterill said...

Goodness, that's steep inflation! I've always preferred the idea of cremation, anyway.

Bel said...

Hi - I have come about your Blog by Googling "how much does it cost to bury ashes in Sicily" what a coincidence. I am living in NZ and my Father, a Sicilian living in South Africa (where I was born) passed away in August...I arranged his funeral in South Africa and had to leave to go back to NZ, before the ashes were ready..hence they still remain in South Africa. I am trying to get a cost of transporting them from SA to Sicily, Modica where our family reside, to be put to rest near his parents - who are in that huge cemetry on the outskirts of Ragusa/Modica...would you know what the cost of "burying ashes" would be? Or what is normally done with Ashes in that area? My Uncle over there said scattering of ashes is a definite No - do you know why this is? I am glad to have discovered your Blog I find it very interesting.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Hi,Bel. I'm so sorry you have lost your father but I'm afraid I cannot answer your questions. Your best bet would be to contact an international undertaker.


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