Saturday, January 07, 2012


One of my favourite Italian singers, Irene Grandi, is in a bit of trouble, having sung the song below wearing a real fur cape during Rai Uno's New Year's Eve show.  There have been demonstrations and furious rebukes by animal rights groups.  Miss Grandi made no statment until Wednesday, when she apologised for offending the sensibilities of animal lovers but tried to justify her choice of clothing by saying that it was an alpaca fur, so the animal had not been bred solely to be turned into clothing.  Not good enough, Irene!

Fur has, to my disappointment, come back into fashion recently in Italy and I was not happy to see some real fur garments on sale in a certain hairdressing salon today!

Here is the song - one that it is hard not to dance to - that Irene Grandi sang but I will not publicise the video of her singing it dressed in fur:

Irene Grandi - Bruci la cittĂ 

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