Monday, August 22, 2011


Ortigia, Siracusa
Sicily is sixth in the ranking of the world's best islands in Travel and Leisure Magazine's 2011 World's Best Awards. According to the list, the most popular island for tourism is Santorini [Greece] followed by Bali in second place, Cape Breton Island [Nova Scotia] in third place, then Boracay [Philippines] and the Great Barrier Reef Islands [Australia] in fourth and fifth positions respectively.  Well done Sicily, which moves up from seventh place in 2010.

Marco Bevacqua, the Sicilian  president of UFTAA, warns against complacency, however:  signor Bevacqua points out that although tourism statistics are better for Sicily this year, they are only better when compared with the past few years of the economic downturn and are not as they were before.  He also reminds the travel industry that one of the reasons for the increase is that many tourists do not want to visit North African or Arabian countries at the moment.

Travel and Leisure Magazine has also published a list of the ten best tourist cities in the world:  Bangkok heads the list with Florence in second position and Rome in third.


Cuby said...

precklI am glad that you live on such a special island. You certainly paint a glorious picture of your life there in particular the culinary aspect!Thank you for sharing so much.

Patricia said...

Number one on MY list!

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Thank you, cuby poet. Oh, you can eat very well for little here but please do not imagine that my life is without problems because it certainly is not. Thank you, Patricia. I'm sure Sicily appreciates that.

Betty said...

Congratulations Sicily!

I saw in the comments where you mentioned that your life is not without problems and it made me wonder if you ever have problems with water? We never did, but I know other people would lose their water from time to time. In 40+ years the infrastructure has probably improved. I was surprised when I learned that the largest shopping mall in southern Italy is in Sicily. We didn't have such luxuries, but maybe modern day improvements have taken away some of the charm.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Hi, Betty. Oh, yes, we've had terrible water supply problems and I've written a lot of posts about them. Water used to be delivered by lorry but now we have it piped - only since about a year ago! shopping facilities are improving all the time and now we have the "Sicily Fashion Village" near Catania - not that I've been there.


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