Sunday, July 17, 2011


A double helping for you today:

I do not often go to Rosy Bar because although it is quite near where I live, it is not on my way to or from anywhere. However, I was proud to see its ice creams mentioned in the Wall Street Journal and I have my friend Patricia over in California to thank for tipping me off about the article.  Therefore, notwithstanding the fact that this bar has or had a grumpy cleaning lady who once, having just cleaned the loo, barred my way to it when I was desperate, I strolled along there this afternoon to sample their ice cream again in the interests of blog research.  And I must say, the fruit flavours taste as if the fruit has just been delivered and crushed - which it probably has.  What do you think I have got in here?

Talking of newspapers, a certain media tycoon could have saved himself a lot of trouble had he employed Mr Fargione of Modica's Bar Fargione:  Mr Fargione delights in scribbling wry comments in dialect on the stories in the bar's newspapers and sometimes composes alternative, dialect headlines too.  He'd have alerted you to something fishy going on behind some of those scoops straightaway, Rupert! Mr Fargione's wit also extends to his fiscal receipts, on which advice in dialect is printed along with the prices.  This week's have read:

"Tu, tu e tu, smammamu a' casa sho' ",  which, roughly translated, means, "You, you and you, go home".

Sometimes, when you enter his bar, Mr Fargione will tell you which fruits have been freshly delivered that morning and which ice cream recipe he has just made. Believe me, they are all mouth-wateringly good.  Which flavours do you think he has put in this creation?  Clue:  Nuts!

 Answers in the comments tomorrow.


Patricia said...

Delicious post and not just the ice cream. I find the spirit and humor of the Sicilians like Mr. Fargione delicious!!

hazelnut?? (one of my favorites)

Cuby said...

Maybe melon? That could be so refreshing.

Claude said...

The first one: Raspberry.
The second one: Maple.
I love those posts.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Hi, Patricia and thank you again for telling me about the article. Not hazelnut! Not melon either, Cuby poet but Mr F does do a melon ice cream. Close, Claude! Thank you.

Ok, the first one is stawberry and cinnamon. The second is almond parfait and coconut.

Saretta said...

Oh, you already said! I was going to guess strawberry and peach.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Well, you got one, Saretta!


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