Monday, November 15, 2010


Karima Keyek, better known in Italy as "Ruby Rubacuori" ["Ruby, stealer of hearts"] and famous as the girl who sparked the latest Berlusconi scandal,  has expressed a wish to return to her native Sicily.  Although she is being driven around Milan in a red Ferrari and is wearing Saint Laurent, our Ruby hankers for the simple life of Catania where, she says, a girl can enjoy herself dining on a slice of pizza and a beer.

Ruby, it seems, has been offered a job as a belly dancing instructor in a Catania gym and she is not letting the fact that she has never attended a belly dancing class in her life put her off, for she believes that the ability to perform Arabic dance is something that she has inherited from her Moroccan mother.

The Saint Laurent dress is a present from friends, by the way and those friends do not include Mr Berlusconi, insists Ruby petulantly.  We look forward to seeing you enjoying the simple life in it, Ruby.


Sean Jeating said...

Am I right, Lady Limoncello, when at the end of your posting within squared brackets I do see an unvisible 'irony off'?

jams o donnell said...

Somehow I think life in Sicily wil be a lot happier

RNSANE said...

She may have a harder time than she thinks, adjusting to the simple life!

RNSANE said...

Is she kidding herself? Or everyone else? Why am I doubtful?

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Could be, Sean. We shall see, jams. I think so too, Carmen!


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