Sunday, November 28, 2010


For those of you in Italy, this recipe is from the Conad Supermarket Chain's November edition of their free magazine, Bene Insieme.  I've altered the recipe slightly so will give my version here: 

First of all, oil the base of a deep, oval roasting dish well.  Cut 3 large potatoes into rounds - as you all know, I refuse to peel them - and arrange them in the dish. Then cut 3 medium onions into rounds - the recipe says white ones but I used a mixture of white and red - and add to the dish.  Cut 2 lemons into rounds and squeeze another while you're at it.  Of course, I am convinced that this works so well because of the flavour of Sicilian lemons but if you are in the UK, try to get unwaxed ones.  Now put 2 fresh bay leaves into the cavity of your chicken and add a bunch of fresh herbs such as rosemary,sage, thyme, basil, mint and oregano.  Don't bother chopping the herbs - that's for wimps!  Now stuff in as many of the lemon slices as you can, too.  Pour a little olive oil into the cavity, then sit the chicken on top of the vegetables in the dish.  Pour the lemon juice over the chicken and put any remaining lemon slices around and on top of it.  In fact, I cut up another lemon to do this.  I put some more sprigs of rosemary around the chicken, too, just because I like it that way.  Season to taste and cook the chicken at 200 C for 50 minutes, basting now and then. 

Breathe in  the aroma and then serve four lucky people.


Claude said...

WOW! With your photos, your preparations and your cooking, I can already smell and taste this incredibly, well presented chicken. Thank you so much for sharing your tempting, creative recipes.

J. M. P. said...

Lemon chicken: that's one of my favourites. I won't try my luck with the recipe because I'm only good at eating it :)

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Thanks, Claude. Glad you like this one. Hi, Josep. Eating's what it's for!

CherryPie said...

It certainly looks delicious, it is making my mouth water :-)

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Thanks, Cherie.


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