Wednesday, August 04, 2010


Here is my personal pick of last week's Italy Magazine articles:

Our featured "golden oldie" film was Three Coins in the Fountain.  It makes me cry every time and oh, that song!

Nick Calvano told us what happened when he went to see his newly-found Italian relatives.  I happen to know that there's another story from Nick coming so watch this space!

Our blog of the week was Marc Dalessio.  Marc is a painter based in Florence and if you love Italy, you'll love his paintings.

Of the news stories, I liked this one about a prank that fooled the art world and this one about D&G designing for the Chelsea football team.  OK, I especially liked the picture that went with that one!  And what woman could not be cheered by this?

For my Patti Chiari column I ruminated on the process of making preserves and liqueurs in Sicily.

If you've ever wondered how to ask for the ice cream flavour you want in Italian, this article is for you.

Finally, if you need a  cool summer dessert, why not make Gaetano Naclerio's melon cups with summer fruit? His secret ingredient - not secret any more, Gaetano -  is melon vodka and I'm definitely going to try this recipe.

Happy reading.


Bev said...

The issue must be with my local video store, because it does NOT carry oldies. At all. I would love to see some old favorites again, in or about Italy, and even just the American classics. OK, I must be asking for too much there. I might have to resort to buying them.

Ellee Seymour said...

Well done again Welshcakes. I'm so pleased for you.

Saretta said...

I always enjoy your articles!

James Higham said...

And a melon vodka to you!

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Hi, Bev. You can watch some on youtube. You have to watch in episodes but it's nbetter than nothing. Thanks, Ellee and Saretta.


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