Monday, January 28, 2008


This chicken dish may look rather rustic, but believe me, it is delicious. It is another one from the Cucina del Sole and all you do is cook chicken joints in a little oil with cut-up lemons [including the skin], garlic, rosemary sprigs, bay leaves and seasoning. Half-way through roasting, you add some new potatoes which have been boiled until just tender. [These are hard to obtain here so I just cut up some larger potatoes.] No marinating, no pre-cooking of the chicken - what could be simpler? I've used drumsticks here but you could use a jointed chicken. It's the freshness of the lemons, in my opinion, which makes the dish smell and taste so good. At the end I decided it needed some capers sprinkled over for colour - but I like capers so much that I put them on nearly everything!


Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Another dish we would love!!! I think I am going to get this book.

A simple yet delicious meal, sounds great. :-)

PinkAcorn said...

Sounds wonderful and I'm a caper lover, too. I think I'll try it this coming weekend!

Crushed said...

It does look pretty juicy.

What are capers, by the way?

Leslie: said...

I love lemon chicken and the capers would add just a bit of a bite. Sounds delish, as usual.

Gledwood said...

what actually ARE capers?

I know Delia Smith LURVES them... I know the bourgeoisie ADORE them... but what actually ARE they..?!?

Trubes said...

I`ve ordered your Cookery Book Welshcakes and eagerly await it`s arrival. It`s being shipped as I write to you. I have a vast Library of Cookery books. I just hope DT is out when this one arrives so I can surreptitiously, secrete amongst the rest!
I often use capers in my cooking. One of my favourite dishes is Skate in Black Butter Sauce with preserved lemons and caper berries, deliceux. Thats a Delia classic.
I have just preserved some lemons a la Rick Stein`s latest Mediterranean Cook Book.

Love to you and Simi and Purr Purr from Chloe.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Hi, Anne. I think you would love the book. Ciao, pink. Let me know how it goes! Hi, Crushed and Gleds. Well, "the berry of a spiny shrub", according to Wiki. You can get them in the UK either in vinegar or salt - salt is best. The best ones come from Pantelleria, Sicily and I'm not saying that 'cos I'm biased! Thanks, Leslie. Glad you like the idea. Hi, Trubes. How are you? I can't eat fish, sadly, but that does sound a lovely recipe. Enjoy the book when it arrives and love to you all from Simi and me xx


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