Tuesday, July 03, 2007


I have a minor rant up as a guest post here at FauxNews.


Crushed said...

I dread to think what your road rage is like.

I'd have cringed.

lady macleod said...

I'm off to read it then.

Zen Wizard said...

Have seen restaurant rage a couple of times.

Something psychological happens to some people when they go to a restaurant.

I had this roommate in LA who used to pick on waiters; it was really embarrassing. Like let's pick on the lowest possible guy in the food chain. He would call the manager over and make a big scene.

He used to double the tax for a tip--I think sales tax was six percent back then. He thought he was Croesus or something with this "largesse."

What a dick.

Lee said...

You can't be blamed for your "rant", Welsh. The cause of it would have made me see red, too! ;)

jmb said...

Well Welshcakes,
I couldn't comment over there without logging in so I'm commenting here.
Is it any wonder Americans have such a bad reputation as tourists overseas if this is typical behaviour? Of course, it's not. But one bad apple can spoil the barrel.
What an unbelievably rude woman and I'm glad you stood up to her. However I would have been complaining mightily to the restaurant and insisting they do something about it, if not then at least they could have reimbursed your dinner or given you a free dessert or..... Do you think she's had a few aperitifs before she arrived?

DeeJay said...

I didn't realise that American tourists found their way to good ole Bristle! I suppose Bath is the attraction first and then why not?

I visited the waterfront only last year after many years away from the West Country and it certainly has not got any better. The cafe culture thrives but unfortunately along with it you have to suffer the yob culture!

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Hi, Crushed. I don't drive and I'm too scared to now! Ok, Lady M. HEllo, ZW. I think you're right - something psychological happens to some people. Maybe they feel a sense of power. I've seen people "pick on the waiter" too, but not to that extent. Thanks for the solidarity, Lee. Hi, jmb. Well, the Brits behave very badly when they are tourists too, sometimes, I have seen them do it and cringed. I think the woman must have had a few drinks first, yes. I should have complained to the restaurant chain afterwards but didn't get around to it. Sometimes, though, withdrawing your custom and telling everyone you know about it is enough.

Janejill said...

It is just outrageous - I felt so sorry that this has happened to you. The restaurant should have kicked her out immediately. I was a smoker until 5 years ago, but never ever felt comfortable, even before non-smoking sections were introduced. Good for you for standing up to her, the bully. I have seen smoking rage in India of all places -the person took it as aracist remark and it was really ugly. I love good manners always, then , if that doesn't work, then a bit of assertiveness...x

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Hi, janejill. Thanks. It was a bit unnerving. I've never imagined you could get anything like this in India.


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