Sunday, July 29, 2007

Laura Pausini - Medley (Live in Paris)

There must be something in the air as several of us have posted on love lately. So no apologies for a Laura Pausini clip again - with a plea for world peace at the end.


Crushed said...

It's called Summer.
It has a lot to do with hormones, girls wearing less, people being out more and a general heightened sensitivity to the opposite sex.

My father said it wore off after twenty five.
He lied.

Lee said...

I've given up on love! ;) I think I'll just stick to the true love of my two cats, Remy and Shama. I'm sure men and me are not part of my destiny or in the whole scheme of things!

I'll just play the love songs to myself! lol

Anonymous said...

It has to be more than summer. The weather here seems to be turning to fall already. Nice.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Nice comment, Crushed! Oh, Lee. Well, cuddle up to those cats, as I do to Simi. hi, Steve. Wish it would turn to Fall [love that American word] here!


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