Monday, June 25, 2007


Se giugno è caldo la spiga matura
= If June is hot, the corn will grow
- Italian proverb.
- I'm not so sure they meant this hot! Today the whole of the south is still on a severe heat alert and a temperature of 46 C has been registered in Catania. A district of Palermo has had an electricity blackout and crops are dying. Fires are breaking out everywhere in the countryside and there has been a fire at a plastics waste plant in Santa Croce Camarina [Ragusa], resulting in toxic fumes being emitted. Two elderly Sicilian men have died, possibly as a result of the heat. Good advice for coping is being put out by government and local agencies, I am glad to report, and we are hoping for cooler weather tomorrow, though it is more likely to reach us on Wednesday.


Anne in Oxfordshire said...

OMG that is more than HOT!!!!

I would like some heat over here but not that hot...we have had rain for days...and its quite chilly :-(

Gledwood said...

Hang on how hot is 46C in olde-fashioned Englishe ..? ... 38C is 100F... you're talking something like 115 degrees!!! Wow!! That is hot!!

Gledwood said...

Yeah: I was spot-on! Right off the top of my head as well!! 46C=114.8F according to ~ wow again and double wow!!

marymaryquitecontrary said...

I am sure you would love a good downpour to cool everything down. Lots of sorbet and icecream on your menu ?

jmb said...

I'm sure that the corn is shrivelling up in the heat. I'm glad I'm not visiting Sicily as a tourist at the moment. One would not be able to enjoy sightseeing at all.
I hope it gets cooler soon.
You've had a very busy blogger weekend, over at James's site as well.

Maria said...

Oh no.. that's awful! Here's hoping your cool as a cucumber as soon as possible!

I just peaked at gledwood's comment is it really 115 degrees! Oh my... please make sure you and Simi are drinking pleanty of water and keeping cool as best you can! Wishing I could send you a cool breeze,

Lee said...

Keep your cool, Welsh! ;)

Don't can write posts in FauxNEWS...on anything and everything you wish! ;)

Wino is starting up a "give-away" competition in our blog soon...when he gets home from Mexico.

Ellee Seymour said...

We have got terrible floods here and a dam is in danger of bursting. Could you get two more different extremes?

Gosh, 114F is hot, what is the hottest recorded temperature in Sicily?

Crushed said...

Well we've had much needed rain round here, witch has dissipated some of the closeness of the air.

It also means I can SLEEP.

How are you managing?

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Hi, Anne. I can't imagine feeling chilly at the moment! Hi, Gledwood. I'm impressed by your maths1 Yes - HOT!! Marymary, yes, I'd just stand in the rain! Yes, ice creams and granite are the order of the day! Jmb, I tell Brit friends not to come in summer because you couldn't do anything but sit on the beach [which would drive me barmy]. Thanks, M - I can feel the cool breeze coming over from you now!

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Thanks, Lee. I'm trying. Will pop over to FAUX later in the week. Ciao, Ellee. I saw the horrific flood scenes on Sky last night. I think this IS the hottest temp ever in Sicily! Friends say it never used to go much above 40 C and certainly not for days at a time. Hi, Crushed. We are managing with the air cond and fans. It's OK if you can stay indoors all the time but of course that's not possible. Glad you are getting some sleep!


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