Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Here, still in its original sleeve, is my 1969 copy of the song on the previous post. Written by Ernesto De Curtis, it was first sung by Gigli and has been revived, in recent years, by The Three Tenors. But for me it will always be the Rossano version that turns me into a romantic nitwit and sends me into sleepwalk mode. Here's a translation:

Tell me your love won't die

It's like the golden sun which will never die again

Tell me you would never betray me

You'll always be my dream of love

Oh, darling, I love you so much

There is no one in the world dearer to me than you

I love you

You're my great love

and the life of my heart

can only be you.

[Spoken words]: A star is shining in the centre of the sky

My star is you

You accompany me on my path

and follow my destiny.

Sadly, Rossano's hanged body was found in an American hotel room in 1976. It was possibly suicide. He was 30.


marymaryquitecontrary said...

Oh WLimoncello;what a romantic song. Aren't there any Romantic Sicilian men who could sweep you off your feet?

Whispering Walls said...

I'm sorry Rossano didn't find his star

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Marymary, they're all married - like everywhere else! WW, yes, very sad..

jmb said...

Oh Welshcakes, you have all your records too? Mine are long gone since I haven't had a turntable for years. However my daughter's are still here even though she left 17 years ago.
Lovely song, of course.

jmb said...

Welshcakes, I just noticed the lovely lemon orchard. Has it been there for weeks? Am I too unobservant? Well done.

Lee said...

What a waste. I have no sympathy for those who commit suicide. I do, however, have much sympathy for those they leave behind to grieve and ask the question "why".

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Hi, jmb. Yes, I have one of those "retro" players with a turntable. No, only got the orchard pic on last night! - Had to get the computer shop man over for something else so while he was here I got him to put it on for me. Lee, it was never proved that it was suicide. I do have sympathy for those who feel so hopeless that they end their lives but agree it is a terrible thing for those they leave behind.

Ellee Seymour said...

What a tragic ending for such a very handsome man.

I'm sure Welshcakes has been told those words many time...

Ruthie said...

This is going to sound crazy, but I had a vivid dream that you had written a book.

I was standing in Barnes & Noble (I don't know if they have that there, but it's a bookstore) picking it up off a shelf, and I saw your picture on the back.

Maybe it's a sign.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Ellee, yes, terrible. And to this day no one knows whether it definitely was suicide or, if so, why.
Oh, Ruthie, that's the kind of sign I need! Thank you.


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