Wednesday, December 09, 2015


It is safe to say that, following Sunday's edition of the popular talk show Che tempo che fa, Adele is Italy's Christmas sweetheart.

Introducing her second song, genial host Fabio Fazio said he had not felt so emotional about a singer since having Luciano Pavarotti on the show, a remark which provoked twitter comments ranging from "He's right" to the Italian equivalent of "What a dick", with the majority in the former camp.

Already enamoured of the singer's voice, Italy fell in love all over again with her looks, her personality and, above all, her laugh.  Her anecdote about her grandmother stealing the Queen's loo paper at Adele's MBE ceremony brought the house down and when this clip, in which she said "Italia" instead of "Italy", was shown, Fabio was near to tears of joy. I swear I could hear all of Italy cheering! Italy being Italy, the topic of eating had to be mentioned and when Adele said she liked good food Fabio assured her she had come to the right place.

Comic and actress Luciana Littizzetto had the unenviable task of following Adele and her jokes about the shape of Fabio's backside were a bit of a bummer. Never mind, Luciana - I'm sure we'll be laughing again with you next week.

You can see the whole programme here.


Lee said...

Adele is a breath of fresh air...she's natural, down to earth...doesn't have to perform nearly naked...she let's her talent speak/sing for her without all the false bells, whistles and streamers. She's real.

Did you see the clip where she pretended to be someone else and she auditioned with a group of girls hopeful of being chosen as the one who sounded most like Adele? She tricked them all for a while...once she started singing, one by one, the other girls realised what really was going on. It's a lot of fun.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

I completely agree, Lee. Yes, saw that great clip.


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