Saturday, November 28, 2015


Lucky lady and queen of pop Madonna received a distinctive, seasonal gift following her three tour appearances in Turin last weekend, namely a Sicilian panettone specially made and personalised for her by young pastry chef Mario Fiasconaro. 

Traditionally made Fiasconaro panettoni contain only the finest Sicilian ingredients, such as citrus honey, Avola almonds and Bronte pistacchi and Madonna's cake was "carved" to reveal a sugar sculpture of the singer on stage during her tour.

Madonna's personal chef Travis Dorsey visited the festival Una Mole di Panettoni, also in Turinto receive the gift on his employer's behalf and is said to have been very impressed, particularly by the beautiful aroma of the cake.  He promised to take it to Madonna's hotel suite so that she could enjoy some "sweet" post-performance time.

Let's hope the lady's health and beauty régime allows her to partake of this Sicilian delight!


Lee said...

Only a couple of weeks ago I wrote about the a Christmas past when I made a panettone. At the time I was in a relationship with a fellow from Bagnacavallo, a province in Emilio-Romagna. He'd been telling me his Nonna always had a panettone for him, his sister and mother at Christmas as part of the celebratory fare, so I thought, seeing it was his first Christmas away from home and country, I'd make him the special festive cake. On Christmas night after all the feasting etc., was over and done with he informed me the panettone I'd made was the first one ever he'd had that was home-made!!! His Nonna used to always buy theirs!

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Hi, Lee. Love that story!

Weekend Yachtsman said...

Mmm, Fiasconaro pannetone...xlnt.

We have one put away for Christmas and we've sent several to friends and relatives as presents.

Best of stuff.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Hello, WY. Hope you all enjoy them!


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