Saturday, August 08, 2015


Tonight let's listen to a golden oldie from Mr Al Bano Carrisi, who is performing at the Valle dei Templi in Agrigento as I write.

Al Bano - Io di notte

Al Bano has said that his concert will be a homage to all those people who have reached Sicily and who will continue to arrive:

"When I see these people arriving by boat and fleeing poverty, war, hunger and oppression, I think of my friends who left for Northern Italy by train and of my uncles who left for Argentina. Then it was my turn  In 1961 I took the train of hope, looking for a better place, which I found in Milan. So when I see these poor souls fleeing hunger and war I understand them. The countries of the world should unite to find a way to manage the phenomenon, then perhaps the influx would decrease. But I can already see that all this is inevitable."

Note:  The singer is from Puglia, a region where he still has a home and which he continues to love. When he says " a better place", he means somewhere with more opportunities.


Saucy Siciliana said...

Mi piace tantissimo Al Bano, peccato che non ci sia pure Romina. Ho visto il loro concerto in Russia, che bello!

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Anche a me, Suacy Siciliana. Mi piacerebbe tanto vederlo.


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