Saturday, June 20, 2015


And now here is the real Renzo Arbore:

Renzo Arbore e l'Orchestra Italiana - Ma la notte no


Trubes said...

Interesting music Pat but not quite my scene,
what is, or rather was my scene, was the Spezzatino of Pork and Peppers,
Ian cooked it entirely as you said and it was absolutely delicious.
We used a piece of Belly Pork and it just melted in the pot.
I made the orange salad which really complimented the richness of the
casserole, Ian had two helpings!
He also made some macaroni pasta tossed in butter and fresh sage leaves
to accompany, all washed down with a perky little Valpolicello.
Assolutamente delizioso!
(I've probably got that wrong) Feel free to correct me.
Love Ian and Chloe...zzzzzng !
Time for more pics of cute little Bertie,

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Hi, Di and thank you. It's so nice to know it all turned out well. The accompaniments sound delicious, too. Lots of love from Bertie and me to all of you. xx


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