Sunday, March 08, 2015


First of all, Bertie-Pierrine hopes you all had a happy International Women's Day:

She wants you to know that she has had a very busy week, in which she redoubled her efforts to learn to read in honour of World Book Day:

Then there was the obligatory chewing of one of her mummy's socks [while the latter's foot was still in it]

and she is practising to be a sommelier when she grows up!

There'll be more news of her progress soon and meanwhile she sends lots of baci..


Betty said...

With a face like that you really can't get mad.

Rowena said...

If it were left up to my 2 rascals, that book would be torn to shreds! Bertie-Pierrine you are such a good girl!

Lee said...

She could get a job as a librarian...and keep you! :)

Trubes said...

Hi Welshcakes,
Such a pretty girl,
She seems well settled with her new Mummy, looks like she's grown a bit too.
Certainly got a doleful look about her so you couldn't tell her off for chewing a sock or two.
Do you have any information about her background?
Her coat looks in top condition, probably a lot of pampering involved there, lucky little girl.
Chloe says hello, purr purr!
She's sprawled across my legs and staring intently at the keyboard whilst I tap away. Any moment now a large white mitten will bop the keyboard. I have to watch her as she dragged a couple of letters of my old PC and I couldn't fix them back properly, naughty girl...she doesn't chew socks though!
Hope you are well,
love to you and dear little Bertie,
DI xx
Chloe. xxx purr purr zzzzng.

CherryPie said...

She is adorable :-)

Whispering Walls said...

SalVE B-P!

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Hi, Betty. No way I can get mad at all! Hi, Rowena. It's textiles that tempt her! What a good idea, Lee. I'll tell her! Hi, Trubes. She is an adult so won't grow any more. The only info I have is that she was found run over, with two broken paws. She was well tended by the kennel's vets and is fine now. How could anyone do that and just leave her? It makes me so angry. Yes, her coat is lovely. Lots of love from us to you and Chloe. xx

Jenny Woolf said...

Oh lord I would have thought she would blunt her teeth on that bottle! :)

Gledwood said...

What a beautiful furry doggie. She has such fuzzypeg eyes... I was SO sorry to hear about Simi and so gutted I honestly didn't know what to say I know it sounds stupid because usually I don't think about other people's dogs at the other end of Europe who I never even met but wasn't she the most beautiful small dog ever you could have sold her fur to Bulgari because I'm sure it was of pure gold. I hope you didn't mind my doing a furry friday on saturday on simi
I'd already logged out when I remembered to tell you and then the computer wouldn't let me in again bloody thing OF COURSE I meant to let you know on the day

I hope you're well & all & Hi to Bertie-Pierrine ;-)


That is one seriously gorgeous girl. I am in love with her myself!

Liz Hinds said...

Bless her!

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

She is indeed, Cherie. She says "Salve" to you, Ww! Hi, Jenny. Luckily she was only interested in the label! Hi, Gleds. Yes, she has wonderful eyes. I know you loved Simi and I thank you for it. Of course it is difficult to know what to say when they pass away. I was devastated and wanted to die mysdelf. Thank you for the tribut too - Simi would be hponoured. xxHi, Uber. I'll tell her! Thanks, Liz.


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