Friday, March 06, 2015


Tonight I was hoping to be able to bring you my insights into this year's MasterChef Italia, which held its final last night, but unfortunately my Sky signal chose 9 pm to give up the ghost in the face of a few gusts of wind. [This part of Sicily got the tail end of the heavy winds which had mercilessly lashed mainland Italy throughout Wednesday and Thursday, causing considerable damage and three deaths.]  I'd been looking forward to the programme all day so, needless to say, I was not pleased!

I did know who the winner would be, as much to the judges' chagrin, the contest result had been leaked on Tuesday's Striscia La Notizia programme, and even if I hadn't, I could have worked out what was happening from social media.  However, I did want to see what tasks were set for the three finalists, generally enjoy the drama and feast my eyes once more on chef Carlo Cracco. The Striscia spoiler caused a twitter storm, as you may imagine, and the programme also accused one of the finalists of working in a professional kitchen before becoming a contestant.  If this is true, it of course breaks the MasterChef rules. Both the contestant and the restaurant concerned deny that he has worked there and the argument is ongoing.

Congratulations to worthy winner Stefano Callegaro and I would like to express the hope that when his recipe book is published, it will actually contain some recipes, unlike last year's effort, which was supposed to give readers ideas rather than recipes. Such a book is fine by me as long as it is not marketed as a recipe book!

My Sky signal is back on now so, barring a few drops of rain or the odd breeze, I should be able to watch the repeat tomorrow.


Lee said...

Hopefully, they will re-run it during the week at some time or perhaps you can catch it up via your computer.

Usually here the channels do encore shows. I hope you are able to catch up with it.

How frustrating that you had a blimp in the system just at that time! Grrr! I was the blimp in my own system the other...I accidentally deleted all the recorded shows and movies that I had on my PVR (set top box) - all ready to be watched at my leisure...whenever I felt like it! I had a lot of good stuff recorded, too; but I only have myself to blame!

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Hi, Lee. I caught up with it last night and it was a truly great finale. Sorry you lost your recorded shows.


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