Sunday, October 09, 2011


Yes, another lamb dish for you tonight.  This is because I had frozen some of the chop-like lamb pieces I found in the supermarket the other week and, as the weather is getting colder, I cooked them last night.  I was in need of comfort and that means potatoes!   One of my favourite ways of cooking potatoes is in the oven with lots of garlic and rosemary but last night, being out of pazienza,  I decided to see if I could get a similar effect by adding the potatoes to the dish on the hob.  The answer turned out to be "Yes" but obviously they were softer.  I got the idea of adding sundried tomatoes from a recipe in the October edition of Alice Cucina but otherwise, the recipe is my own:

Heat 4 tablsp olive oil in a fairly deep pan and add 8 unpeeled garlic cloves or, if the cloves are small as mine were, 12. When they are golden add about 1 kilo of large lamb pieces and cook until browned all over.  Then add 3 - 4 unpeeled potatoes, cut into chunks.  Stir everything, then add c. 200 gr sundried tomatoes which have been preserved in oil, drained. [Sundried tomatoes are cheap in markets here and I put them in oil myself, with some basil leaves.]  Season with coarse seasalt and black pepper and add some sprigs of fresh rosemary and thyme.  Add 300 ml red wine, stir everything again, put the lid on the pan and simmer for 1 hour.  Serve the dish with a green salad.


Claude said...

I can nearly taste it. It looks so tender. I guess it's the simmering. What a good idea to add the potatoes to it. Thanks again for a delicious recipe. Your photos and descriptions are always so tempting.

James Higham said...

How cold is cold weather there?

jams o donnell said...

More utter deliciousness!

Trubes said...

Mmm....Welshcakes, that looks absolutely delicious, I shall have a go of that when I next buy some lamb.
Welsh lamb has been wonderful this year, plentiful, thus bringing the price down.
I have eaten lamb all over Europe, including France, Spain Greece and Turkey (in Asia Minor), also in Cyprus.
Cyprus has to be the best, they do a wonderful Kleftika, which is Chunks of lamb , bone in, cooked slowly in a stone oven, The dish includes, Frsh herbs, oregano and thyme. Chank onions and the wonderful Cyprus potatoes and chunlky carrots. All the
Tavernas dotted along the colourful little streets, have small kiln shaped ovens outside, fuelled by wood cook this dish, the aromas, on passing, are divine.
However, I firmly believe that Welsh Lamb is the finest in the World....New Zealand doesn't come in to the equation, (sorry Kiws) P.S. Hope you and Simi are well and happy...Chloe said hello, she's, at present, sprawled across my lap, with her head resting on my PC, staring intently, at the cursur, whilst I tap away...If only animals could talk, how interesting that would be!
I have to watch her though, because, just when i.m preoccupied, a big white paw bops one of the keys, I swear she bopped 'S', just as i write....Obviously trying to speak to Simi..Ha ha!.D.x

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Thank you, Claude. You encourage me. Hi, James. Anything under 20 C for me but everyone complaining today at 18 C! Thanks, Jams. Thank you, Di. The Cypriot dish you describe sounds wonderful. Simi is sitting on my lap as I type saying hello to you and Chloe! xx woof!


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