Friday, February 18, 2011


The second night of the 2011 Sanremo Song Contest on Wednesday saw two upsets, with both Al Bano and Patty Pravo being eliminated.   I am a fan of Mr Carrisi but even I have to admit that his songs are beginning to sound "samey". However, last night's television vote saw him reinstated, along with this brave attempt by Anna Tatangelo to break the mould:

Hmm - I could make that the theme song of my love life!

Thursday evening at the Festival was, of course, dedicated to the 150th anniversary of Italian Unification and the celebrations began with Ana Oxa's - err - interesting interpretation of O Sole Mio:

I suppose that could grow on me. What do you think?

Mr Carrisi was back, this time with Giannis Ploutarxos, to sing Va, Pensiero and televotes during this performance raised the most money for charity:

There was a big hand for Tricarico's interpretation of Toto Cutugno's L'italiano, especially when Cutugno joined the younger singer on stage:

And I loved the great Patty Pravo's rendition of Mille lire al mese:

There was a standing ovation for Gianni Morandi when he sang this song by his friend, Gianni Bella, who finished writing it only days before being struck down by a stroke:

But the undisputed hero of the evening was Roberto Benigni, who entered the auditorium in style, on horseback. Benigni  analysed the Italian national anthem, the Inno di Mameli, reminding Italians of its true meaning and calling for unity. He spoke movingly of the role of women and of all the young men who had died so that today's Italians can live in a united, democratic Italy. I especially liked the moment when Benigni wished everyone happiness, counselling us:

Se la felicità scorda di voi, non vi scordate della felicità - If happiness forgets you, don't forget happiness.

He also reminded his listeners that it is the simple things in life which bring true happiness. Finally Benigni asked for the lights to be dimmed and sang the national anthem as a young soldier going into battle the next day might have done in Mameli's time.  Benigni received the second standing ovation of the evening and it was well deserved.

Bravo, Roberto e viva l'Italia!

Late note, 1.3.11: There seem to be copyright issues with the Benigni clips but for the moment they can be seen here.


Gledwood said...

Hey your sabato is very musicale!

Message to Simi: Ooof, woof ark bark groany-bone bo!

(She knows what I mean!)

Saretta said...

That's very good and thorough coverage of the San Remo highlights. I just cannot stand the whole festival personally...but I won't rain on the parade of you or anyone else! ;-)

Ellee Seymour said...

How wonderful to have your life filled with so much wonderful music.

J. M. P. said...

That's fantastic, I've instantly become a fan of Anna Tatangelo, I look at her and I see the entire Roman Empire. Now, I'm curious about a girl named Nathalie, whom I haven't seen or heard so far, but they say she's nice. Good luck to all the contestants.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

You ain't seen nothin' yet, Gleds! Simi agrees with you. Woof!x Thanks, Saretta. I must admit I like it on the whole. Hi, Ellee. I do love Italian music, both classical and pop. Hi, Josep. I just posted a Nathalie clip for you!


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