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Do you feel inspired to visit Sicily after reading some of my blog posts? I hope so and now I am going to introduce you to a tour operator who can help you. My new friends, Boris, a Sicilian living in Barcelona, and Marta, who was born in that lovely city, run a small travel company called ShineSicily and I think you will love their informative, user-friendly website, which has fabulous photos of Sicily.

As its name suggests, the company specialises in tours to Sicily but also organises trips to Sardinia, another breathtakingly beautiful island. Boris tells me that they don't have an English version of their web pages about Sardinia yet, but it is coming and, of course, Boris and Marta will help you if you contact them with a view to visiting Sardinia.

"What is different about ShineSicily's tours?" you will be wondering by now. The fact that it is a specialist tour operator means that you can expect tailor made holidays planned by people who have an in-depth knowledge of the locations they deal with, but this is not unique in the travel business. What I think singles ShineSicily out as a tour operator with a difference is that Boris and Marta personally select the hotels and services they use. They go to meet the owner of a hotel or restaurant, have a leisurely coffee on the premises and get to know him or her, slowly, as is the Sicilian way. And they remember their first impressions and how they felt, for that is probably how their clients are going to feel, too.

But Boris and Marta do not just add the name of a service provider to their list and leave it at that: They build up a relationship, continue their visits and take note of changes, always with the needs of their clients in mind. The service providers become a sort of " extended family " and they, together with Boris and Marta, are always on hand to give clients advice and personal tips.

You can choose from itineraries called Authentic Sicily, Rural Sicily , Charming Sicily or a tour to the Aeolian Islands and the company can help you whether you are looking for an organised tour or wish to travel independently.

ShineSicily keeps its prices competitive by operating online only. In this way, says Boris, the company can offer you "efficiency, personal service, rapidity and technological innovation". If you are interested in one of their tours, just contact the company by email or phone for a personal tour proposal. Oh, and while you're over at their site, do check out the "interesting facts" it gives about Sicily. I've learnt a lot myself by looking through some of these and now I'm off to read some more.....
Telephone: There is a Skype link on the site.
Fixed UK telephone line: 0044 20 71930139
Barcelona office: 0034 93 51 47 831

Click here to see an example personalised tour proposal and here to see customer feedback.


Whispering Walls said...

Good luck to them!

Kamurría said...

thnak you so much :-)

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Hi, WW. Yes, thery deserve to succeed. My pleasure, Kamurria.

Claude said...

Fascinating website. It's a Sicilian trip by itself! I put it on my "Favourites", and will certainly share it with friends. The facts and photos are priceless. Thank you.

Kamurría said...

i am very glad you like pictures and facts, you ara giving us a lot of energy for the project!!! thank to all of you :-)

Ellee Seymour said...

That's a great plug for them. I would love to visit Sardinia too, I hear it is really beautiful.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Glad you like it, Claudia. I love the facts, Kamurria. Hi, Ellee. Maybe we'll pop over there together one day!

Kamurría said...

Sardinia is a beautiful island and, I'd say, wildest than Sicily. You must visit it!


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