Sunday, March 07, 2010


First thing yesterday morning - "first thing" to this owl being about 11 am - the fruitseller who calls me bambina waved while I was out with Simi. I waved back to signal that he could bring me some of his goods and he crossed the road to ask what I wanted. Five minutes later, he had delivered these plus a crate of oranges for juicing:

Next stop was the deli where Mr B cut some speck into cubes for me:

Lunchtime and I'm in Raffaele the hairdresser's, for he doesn't close on Friday or Saturday lunchtimes. He had put a tray of dolci out in honour of International Women's Day on Monday. Take a close look at the yellow and white cakes on the right. The yellow decoration has been made to look like mimose as these are a symbol of International Women's Day in Italy. I thought they were real at first.

Hair done and I walk down to one of the larger supermarkets to buy treats for Simi. The cashier informs me that it's the last day for collecting points so I have to choose a "gift". I chose this stoneware casserole and luckily, it was in stock. I am rather pleased with myself as it's the first time in nearly five years that I've managed to redeem any points from that particular supermarket, which I don't use often. Now what shall I make in the casserole and where am I going to store it?

It's 4pm by now and most of the smaller shops have reopened. On the way back I call into my local bookshop , where they have managed to get for me Riprendetevi la faccia ["Reclaim your Face"] by Barbara Alberti. Alberti's thesis is that western women are not allowed to age any more, such is the pressure on us to have plastic surgery or other invasive treatments. She calls plastic surgery "the western woman's burqa". I am very much looking forward to reading this book.

5pm and two students arrive for a private lesson. By 6pm we are done and the long, Italian evening has begun. Simi and I have more walks, eat, then flop down in front of the BBC-less TV.


Laura said...

Tell us your impressions of the book when you read it. I am enjoying seeing parts of my mother and grandmother looking back at me these plastic surgery for this western woman!

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

A very successful Saturday .. full of lots of treats:-)

Lucia said...

Your Saturday was more productive then mine. I barely made it out of bed and then I was all of a sudden at a western bar!

Lee said...

Plastic surgery, botox and all that jazz...not for me, thank you very much!

I've just devoured a juicy pineapple and I've a rockmelon (cantaloupe) sitting awaiting its turn!

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Hi, Laura. I certainly will. It worries me, the way all these women have invasive surgery to conform to an image. Hi, Anne. Yes, a treaty Saturday! Your Saturday sounds great too, Lucia. Hi,Lee. I'm sure eating fresh fruit does more good than surgery. I will buy expensive creams, etc., but I wouldn't go for elective surgery.


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