Thursday, June 18, 2009


This is the video of the first TV interview that Antonio Lonardo and I did about the poetry book and what a palaver it's been to get it on here! First of all I tried to record it and failed, but a friend had managed it and gave me the VHS tape yesterday. I had to take it to the video store to get it copied onto a DVD, then, when I got home, none of the 5 or so formats turned out to be youtube -compatible. So first I searched for, then downloaded, a free converter [I could have cut out the search as I later discovered there's a link to one on youtube itself] then I had to find the part of the download that I needed and every time I thought I'd uploaded the thing youtube told me I had been unsuccessful because the format had been impossibile da convertire. Finally I used the link on youtube, which got me to the right part of the converter immediately, and I was literally jumping for joy when, after an hour, I saw the word caricato [uploaded]: but after that I had to wait for the elaborazione [processing] and, just as I was giving up hope, there it was - completata. I will NOT be beaten by information technology [well, not tonight, anyway] - by the video recorder, yes.

Here is an English transcript of the clip:

Commentator: More than 40 prizes in just a few years; this is the achievement of the Modican poet Antonio Lonardo, who is bringing out a new collection of his work, Il Profumo del Pensiero, published by Edizioni Nuovi Poeti. The collection mostly consists of a selection of poems from his first two books, Desiderio di Luce and Le Stagioni del Cuore, but there is an important difference: the collection includes a translation of the poems into English, thanks to Lonardo's fortunate encounter with the English-mother-tongue translator and interpreter, Patricia Eggleton.

Me: I have a blog in which I write about my life in Sicily. I happened to be present at the launch of one of Antonio Lonardo's books and I asked him if I could put one of his poems on the blog, which I did. Then he contacted me to ask if I would be interested in translating another poetry collection.

Antonio: It's a selection from my first two poetry books. It contains only one previously unpublished poem.

Commentator: This is a success which Lonardo can add to the many prizes he has already been awarded. The next one will take him to Arezzo, where on the 14th June he'll receive the Casentino Literary Prize.

Antonio: I've received many poetry prizes in many competitions and on the 13th June I 'm going to the Province of Arezzo to receive my 41st prize in 3 years.

That's all, folks!


jmb said...

Well done Welshcakes. On the video uploading and the video itself. Your Andy Warhol minutes of fame or have you been on TV before?

Rowena said...

Brava, brava, brava Welschcakes!!!!!

Trubes said...

Wow Welshcakes.....What a star you are.
So good to see you looking so well too!
Well done my friend.x

love to darling Simix


Mary said...

Hey, I'd love to be bi-lingual. School-girl French just doesn't cut it. Congratulations to you, and may I say, how well you seem to have blended into Sicilian society. I'm sure it wouldn't be possible if you didn't speak the language.
Best wishes.

flutterby said...

Applause, applause, WL, we are all so proud of you. Enjoy your new career as an international celebrity. Miss Simi must be bursting her buttons (she does have buttons doesn't she?).

Whispering Walls said...

Amazing earrings WL! Brava!

James Higham said...

Oh, well done, you.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Thank you, jmb. My AW moments. The only other times I've been on TV, to my knowledge, were during political demonstrations in the UK. Grazie, Rowena. Trubes, you are so kind. Love to you and Chloe from Simi and me. xx Thank you, Mary. I'm an Ital graduate and have taught Italian all my working life. Having the language is essential here and I do think it's enabled me to become accepted. I can't stand arrogant Brits who think they can settle abroad without even trying to learn the language. Oh, Flutterby, thank you. It does make me feel I've achieved something here at last. Simi has buttons - and bows! Thank you, WW. I found them in Noto. Now I'm kicking myself for not buying them in other colours as well. Thank you kindly, James.

CherryPie said...

Well done firstly for your 15 secs of fame and also YouTube, I always struggle with that...

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Many thanks, Cherie.


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