Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Found this at Cherrypie's. It's a girlie post, chaps!

My Foundation:
Clinique repairwair anti-ageing fond de teint 01 alabaster [quite difficult to find the lightest shades here]. In winter this changes to Lancôme teint idole. Both are worn over the highest SPF moisturisers all year rond.

My Mascara:
YSL black or bright blue.

My Day Cream:
Currently Clarins SPF 20 Crème Haute Exigence Jour. On top goes Clinique City Block, SPF 25, then foundation.

My Essential Beauty Product:
Clinique repairwair eye cream.

My Favorite Makeup Product:
Red lippy!

My Perfume:
YSL PARIS - lashings of it.

My Nails:
Need seeing to - no excuse now as a nail salon has opened in my street!

My Hands:
Hide them.

Three Products to bring to a desert island:
1. Lippy
2. Moisturiser
3. Mascara

Women I admire for their beauty:
Catherine Deneuve, La Loren.

Women with the Best Sense of Style:
Those who know who they are and go with it.

My Ultimate Dream:

How Do I Define Womanhood:
Being intelligent, good company, girlie and giggly when you want to be and being able to be yourself. Feeling liberated at each stage of your life.

My Favorite Fashion Publication:
Don't read these publications as the images of the young and thin being pushed at us all the time can make you want to wrap yourself in a binbag.

Now for my motto: I am still having trouble with my ankle, so when I just had to lie down and put an ice bag on it last night, James was surprised to see me applying lipstick first. "When you have to put ice on your foot, make sure you've got your lippy on".


Nunyaa said...

Your comment about applying lippy before icing the ankle made me smile, thats why you are a classic Welshcakes, good one :-)

jmb said...

I wondered when this one would get around to you Welshcakes.
I agree with your definition of womanhood except for the girlie and giggly part. That is just not me.

Ellee Seymour said...

I'm the same with lippy too. I also love Clarins and am fortunate in being able to buy it at 25% discount from the store where my husband works. I also swear by Neal's Yark Frankincense nourishing cream which I think you would really like too. I recommeded it to Welshcakes and she is still on her first pot after 18 months. It is rich and gorgeous. I also like Elemis products,which are natural and made in Britain. When I went to Greece last year, I was pleasantly surprised to see the hotel spa used these products.

Serenity - it's a wonderful word and so hard to achieve with our fast paced lifestyle today. It comes from an inner contentment. I would love to have it too.

Claire said...

Sorry to hear your ankle is still painful but surely will feel better when you are reclining in style well anyway you have your lippy on!

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Thanks, nunyaa. Hi, jmb. I just have to do the girlie bit sometimes! Hi, Ellee. I'm fortunate I can get all my favourite brands here. Miss Neal's Yard cosmetics. I think it must have been someone else you recommended them to, though. Thanks, kissa.

Rowena said...

In response to James:

A girl does have her priorities you know!

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

That really made me "smile"..I agree with your definition...I never used to like being girly but certainly do now :-)

CherryPie said...

I love your definition of womanhood :-)

I am sure putting lippy on before the ice bag helps with the treatment. I hope your ankle feels better soon.

Leslie: said...

For just a second there I thought you were putting the lippy on the ankle! LOL

My mother always taught us to make sure our hair was brushed and lipstick on first thing in the morning just in case some handsome stranger came to the door.

When in Rome I discovered Dior lip gloss and when I came home searched and searched until I finally found it. Now I hear they're discontinuing it! Argh!

My motto: Let him think he's smarter. *wink*

sally in norfolk said...

i would have trouble doing this as i use none of those things... just lip stick on a regular basis.

Think ellee is talking about me with the Neal's Yark Frankincense cream...its nice but i just hardly use it... I can hear ellee shouting at me now :-(

Ardent said...

"When you have to put ice on your foot, make sure you've got your lippy on".

I am glad to see that you have your priorities in order.

Crushed said...

I like your definition of womanhood.

And your women with best sense of style.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Definitely, rowena. All girls together, Anne! Thanks, cherrypie - the lippy does help! Ciao, Leslie. You may have something there - will try putting the lippy on my ankle! Hi, Sally. I hear ellee shouting, too. You MUST use the lovely stuff! Ciao, ardent. A girl has to get her priorities right at my age! Ta, Crushed.


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