Saturday, June 14, 2008


Well, it all happened this morning: first the speedy-stair-and-landing cleaning duo arrived at around 8 am [the crack of dawn to me] driving Simi into a frenzy of barking and toy-shaking. No sooner had she and I settled down after this than the water lorry arrived - not before time, too, as the cisternful we bought 2 weeks ago was about to run out. I am assuming, therefore, that the new gara [competition] for the delivery contract has taken place and that it has been awarded to the same companies, as this refill was brought by the same driver who always came before. Then, about half an hour later the buzzer went and it was the man from the electoral office, bearing my smart electoral paper, duly stamped and signed by the all-important commissario straordinario.

Out and about later, I saw that our local greengrocer had cavagne [receptacles used to store ricotta cheese in times gone by] and traditional brooms hanging outside. I asked if I could take a photo and the kindly owner insisted on taking one of me holding some as well!

Our lovely mini pears and plums are back, a sure sign that the summer is under way.

The last two photos show today's complimentary nibbles at the Altro Posto and what I call a "real" ice lolly - a heavenly nero Perugina with tangerine sorbet in the middle.

What more could a girl want to start the weekend?


James Higham said...

That last photo looks a wee bit intimate there, Welshcakes, in a chocolaty sort of way.

Tell them about the Modican chocolate again.

James Higham said...

What more could a girl want to start the weekend?


jmb said...

Looks like a lovely start to the weekend Welshcakes. Do you think anyone actually uses the brooms or are they decoration?
Have a good one.

Anonymous said...

You lucky girl :)
Is that arancini I see there?

CherryPie said...

My crack of dawn was 6 am today I was not best pleased!!!

Those pears look so mmm! &

a "real" ice lolly - a heavenly nero Perugina with tangerine sorbet in the middle.

I need one now :-)

Indigo-Daisy said...

Looks like a beautiful summer day in Sicily! Wish I were there, the fresh fruit looks soooooo yummy!

Nunyaa said...

I'd use one of those traditional brooms as decoration, love it. Hmm the treat at the bottom does look yummy, but I'd jump in for the fruit first :-)

Lee said...

Why, oh, why are you doing this to me? I'm starving as I sit here being teased and tempted by the aromas of roast pork and vegetables emanating from my oven, and then I come in here and you tempt me further with food!!!! ;)

Liz Hinds said...

Are the mini-pears sweet? They look lovely.

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Great photos WL..that little shop looks interesting, haven't seen those brooms for years!!!

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

I shall, James. James?? Yes, of course!
I think these sort of brooms are decoration now, jmb.
Hi, maryann. No, potato croquettes this time. But you get arancini there some days.
Hi, cherrypie. I can't cope with 6 am any more! Come over and try some nero perugina, etc.
Indigo-daisy, you would love it here.
Nunyaa, I think I'll get one for decoration. Good idea.
Ciao, Lee. funnily enough, we are having pork tonight! I'm sure yours is heavenly. Great to hear from you.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Very sweet and delicious, Liz. Thanks, anne.

Maria said...

For me... heaven... is chcolate and orange... that picture you have there.. lol was like pornography! Lusting after your ice cream and why cant we have anything like that in the states!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Hi, M. thank you . Still hope to welcome you here one day!


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