Tuesday, March 04, 2008


For the want of water
the shower 's lost
For want of a shower
her movement 's lost*
For the want of movement
the teacher is lost
For the want of their teacher
the students are lost
For the want of the students
new linguists are lost
For the want of new linguists
diplomacy’s lost
For want of diplomacy
the peace hopes are lost
For want of the peace hopes
the whole world is lost

- and all for the want of a few drops of water in one bloody cistern in Sicily! Comune di Modica, please get your act together!

*I am arthritic and can hardly move unless I have a hot shower in the morning!

Ai miei studenti: Sto scherzando : Io non mi prendo sul serio così e non mi faccio l'illusione di essere tanto importante! La poesia sopra è una parodia di questo.

Well, folks, when things are like this, there is only one thing a girl can do: eat some comforting risotto, have a g&t, then go to bed and hug her doggie! [Simi agrees and has just pointed out that that's three things!]


Sean Jeating said...

Signora Limoncello,
zephiro torna, e 'l bel acqua rimana,
e i fiori et l'erbe, sua dolce famiglia,
et garrir Progne, et pianger Philomena,
et primavera cadida vermiglia.

Il pace della notte. :)

jmb said...

Very clever my dear but I'm so sorry for the circumstances which inspired it.
One could write a book about the water travails of Modica.

Cosa dici? Sei molto importante! Un'insegnante senza l'uguale!

Leslie: said...

This is so good (and amusing) and I love what you wrote to your students. I couldn't believe that I actually understood it all! *patting self on back* I love your sense of humour. :D

Unknown said...

wow, i love the poem and its good to see that you haven't lost your sense of humour WC, I don't know that I'd be as gracious...the g&t I can understand, but not a word of what you typed to students...smiles...xo

Claire said...

Commune di Modica really has got a water issue which needs to be sorted as for your comforting risotto and g&t you omitted any mention of chcolate which as we all know is really a girls best friend!

Whispering Walls said...

Cleopatra would have suggested bathing in milk

Anonymous said...

For a moment I thought it meant a bowel movement....I am happy to send you some water in exchange for an exciting hamper of sicilian goodies!

Indigo-Daisy said...

I hope you get your water back soon. I could not live without my hot shower. In the winter I love a hot bath with sea salts, it is so soothing to the muscles.

Emmanuele Lazaridis said...

It's great !!!
dear limoncello... I can't believe that your problem with water isn't finished !!!
believe me, if I were you I would denounce who is responsible about this thing in your condominium !!!
It's a terrible situation !!!
I'm really sad for you!!!

Trubes said...

Poor poor Welshcakes, my dear friend,
I do hope your water has been delivered. Nevermind you`ve got Simi to keep you warm.
Cèst la vie.

Love Di.xx

Gledwood said...

Dear me, I think the World got lost long ago, whether or not you get a nice hot shower of a morning!!


sally in norfolk said...

Hope its all sorted soon :-)

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Thanks, Sean. Ah, Petrarca!
Thanks, jmb. Sei molto gentile.
Well done, Leslie and thank you.
Thanks, kyles. You wouldn't say I was gracious if you'd heard me swearing last night!
Kissa , you are abolutely right!
Too cold, WW!
Deal, Mutley!
Hi, indigo-daisy. I useseasalt in the bath, too, along with perfumed products, of course.
Thanks, Emmanuele. The trouble is no one is quite sure who's responsible for water in the block: the capo condominio is always away so I phone to order it, usually, but half the time the water office don't answer the phone!
Thanks for the empathy, Trubes.
Hi, Gleds. Well, it probably did but it mattered to melast night!
Thanks, Sally.

CherryPie said...

I do hope it gets sorted soon. Definitely a bad start to the day, I hope it got better later on!

Leslie: said...

Re needing hot water for the morning shower...I can sure empathize as since I've had Noah, there's been no time for any showers, leisurely or otherwise. But I have managed a quick bath and a quick shower this morning while he was watching cartoons. I hate to do that, but I was aching so badly! :(

Beaman said...

Vi ho dato un 'meme'. :p

(I hope that doesn't say something naughty as I can't afford to sue Google Translator).

Crushed said...

It ceases to be a joke, when things are that bad.

But at least it inspired some verse.

Let's hope it doesn't follow the course prophesied...

Ellee Seymour said...

I'm sorry for you too, and it's only March. Do your citizens ever withold their water rates in protest?

Melina2811 said...

Sto facendo un giro su blog che conosco e che non conosco, ciao da Maria

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Many thanks, cherrypie.
Hi, Leslie . I imagine you are run off your feet and loving it at the moment!
Grazie, Beaman. It's all right - you won't have to sue google thingie this time!
Ciao, Crushed. Yes, I suppose there is that about it.
Thanks, Ellee. No, I don't suppose so. They just utter "pazienza", as always.
Ciao, Melina. Grazie per la visita.


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