Friday, August 03, 2007


Crushed had a nice post yesterday about the objects he feels he has to always have with him or near him and I thought I'd steal the idea tonight:

Like him, I have certain items of jewellery I nearly always wear, and foremost among these is my watch, which my Dad gave me for my 21st birthday. Yes, it still works and I have fine fun if I have to take it to a jeweller for repair as most of the young assistants have never seen a wind-up watch! Then there is the ring which my mother bought me during her last illness. I promised her I'd always wear it and I do. I feel undressed without earrings and in Britain, on the odd occasion when I forgot to put them on, I would go back to the house to fetch them and then have to take a taxi to get to work on time! Some years ago, long before I came to live in Sicily, my lovely friends Giovanna and her sister Laura gave me my "Sicily pendant": "Così avrai la Sicilia sempre vicino al cuore" ="This way you'll always have Sicily close to your heart" , they said, and it has been ever since. [The second photo is the best I've been able to take of this pendant.]

I never leave home unmade-up and I never stay at home unmade-up either, come to think of it. I expect my warpaint to stay on, though, so when I go out I take only the bare minimum with me: my lippy [of course] a lipsalve to go under it, a small mascara, eye pencils the colour of my eyehadows for retouching, my YSL touche éclat [which covers up a multitude of sins] and a mirror. If I go out in the evening and use a tiny handbag, I dispense with the mirror [I could get my lippy on properly if I were blindfolded] and my make-up bag. I also don't carry a purse for my money then - I just stuff some notes into the inside pocket of the handbag.

Since I've been blogging I usually take my camera out with me - you never know what you might see - and I absolutely must have a notebook and pen [for shopping lists and sudden inspirations for blog posts]. I of course carry a mobile phone [which is too old to show you!] and, unless it's to an evening party, I never go anywhere without a paperback to read. I just have a terrible fear of being stuck somewhere without reading matter. [I even take a paperback if friends invite me to lunch, as some Sicilians will just leave you sitting in a room afterwards whilst they have a siesta!] Unless I am going to an elegant "do" I make sure I have a small bottle of mineral water with me , as when the heat really sets in you can't walk very far without taking a sip. And, being asthmatic, I have to carry a Ventolin inhaler. At most times of year here it is necessary to wear sunglasses in the daytime so that's another essential. Even in winter the Mediterranean light can cast a glare.

Those are the inanimate items I like to have with or near me but of course my most precious possession is my dog Simone. So if it came to "What would you save in a fire?" the answer is Simi, Simi, Simi.


lady macleod said...

How interesting, what a great idea. I am right there with you on the water and the book - everywhere! I have passed the 'always carry a book" habit onto Q, so we look like a matched pair when it comes to reading matter.

Off the subject, would you email me to discuss the "when" for the guest posting we are doing for August? Thank you.

Crushed said...

Interesting what you see about wearing make-up at home.

One thing that I always find a little strange- in fact I regard it as OCD, is going to peoples houses where they ask you to take your shoes off. To me, that's wierd.

The way you are with make-up, is a bit like me and shoes. I put them on when I get dressed. I might change them later, but I always wear shoes.

Anonymous said...

A revealing post. I'm sure that most ladies are like you. I know, my wife is.

jmb said...

Great post Welshcakes (and I went to see Crushed's too). I think I will pinch it myself for next week some time.
I too always carry a book, I can't bear to be without something to read of my choice. I even read on the treadmill at the gym.

I do makeup as little as possible. But I never leave the house without lipstick, full makeup means it's an occasion.

Limoncello essentials, I love it.
But no 1: Miss Simi. I should think so. Give her a hug and a pat from me, her Canadian auntie.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Hi, Lady M. So nice to know I'm not the only one! Of course I will email you in a mo. Crushed, with you on ppl who get you to take your shoes off - but it's the norm, certainly in the Czech Republic and Turkey - I dunno about Russia? What kind of shoes do you wear at what times , Crushed? - Interested to know. I think your wife and I would get on, Steve! Hi, jmb. Well, it was Crushed's idea, not mine! I feel guilty now 'cos I do not do the gym! Miss Simi says she is very glad to have a Canadian auntie and sends loves and wags.xx

Chris said...

Like you, I wear my makeup all of the time but do expect it to last. Can't be doing with constantly having to fiddle with my face when I'm out and about.

My notebook is indispensable. Wouldn't be without it.

Crushed said...

I have two pairs of black shoes, which I wear for work, clubbing, etc.
I have a pair of suede shoes I often wear at weekends, or weekday evenings.
I also have two pairs of lace-up boots that I wear sometimes, and a pair of trainers I hardly ever wear.

I also have a pair of gym shoes I tend to only wear in the flat.
Right now I'm wearing one of the black pairs.

PinkAcorn said...

I never leave home without a smaller version of my makeup supply aka "bondo" kit. Oh, and I do feel naked without earrings, that's a must! I have had a book with me ever since your suggestions on reading material. I finished " On Persephone's Island" and "The Stone Boudoir". You are such an inspiration!

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Chris, we think alike! I bet you look very elegant in all of those, Crushed. Pink, you are so kind. I'm going to write about more books about Sicily soon.

Lee said...

I keep intending to take my camera out with me, but I'm halfway along the road before I remember it and I hate turning back, hence no pics!

I like many things around books are all around me...that's just one (or a million) two cats, of course. I wear little jewellery...I have a ring made out of one of my wedding rings and that of my grandmother's with a rare copper topaz set in it on my left hand...and on my right "pinkie" I have my engagement ring from a century or two ago, with two narrow gold of which was my mother's wedding band. Other than those...I just like all of my bric-a-brac and memorabilia around me...or me around them! :)

I don't wear make-up around the house unless I've put it on to go out or I have guests coming. A good friend of mine in Brisbane puts make-up on every day regardless.

I love shoes...but I equally love going bare-footed and rarely wear shoes around the house...unless of course, once again, I have guests. I don't expect my guests to remove their shoes when coming into my place, but if I go to another's home, I ask if they would like me to remove mine...sometimes I remove them without asking, if I've been walking through dew or the like.

Clare said...

As I am frequently changing bags (bit of a handbag obsessive!), the only thing that is always with me is a Ventolin as well. It's like a security blanket. On the odd occasion I've not had it, I've ended up in such a state that Phil (my other half, of ironing fame) now has one at his house which he takes out as well!

But wallet, mobile phone and ventolin are the essentials...

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Hi, Lee. Your rings sound lovely. you should post on them some day. I, too, have to have my books around me, as you know, and I'm a great lover of bric-a-brac. I get really mad when I forget my camera as that's when I'll see something interesting! Always, always, wear full make-up even if I know I'm going to be in by myself all day. Is it normal to remove shoes when visiting over there? Hi, Clare . I'm always changing bags, too. That's a great pic you have of Phil ironing on your blog!


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