Saturday, August 25, 2007


Gleds has tagged me with the "8 random things about me" meme. [I thought no one ever would!] I can't think of anything remarkable, surprising or fantastically courageous to tell you about and some of you will already know most of these, but here goes:

1. Such a sweet little angel of a child was I [yes, that's me!] that when I was about 3 I broke a flowerpot over my best friend's head. In mitigation, I must tell you that this friend destroyed every toy I ever had, because she couldn't resist taking things apart to "see how they worked " and one day I just got fed up with it! My friend's surname was Roberts and my Dad used to call her "Wrecker Roberts". I got a rollicking from my Mum that day but my Dad could hardly conceal his delight that "Wrecker Roberts" had got her comeuppance at last.

2. I had a broad Bristol accent till I was 15. Then we moved to London and people said things like, "Look - that's a street light. You've never seen one, have you?" After that I lost my accent pretty quickly but I am told I can still lapse into it, especially when I am tired.

3. I kept all my vinyl records.

4. I talk to objects. To ornaments and pictures I've had for what seems like forever, I say, "I bet you never thought you'd end up in Sicily, did you?"; to those that came from here in the first place and that I brought back with me, I croon, when dusting, "Are you glad to be home?"

5. I have a gold medal for tap dancing!! [Do any Bristolian readers remember Miss Daisy Luxton's School of Dancing?]

6. I have no team spirit and hate all sport: not certain sports - all of it. I'll even angrily turn off the news when the sports stuff comes on.

7. Nelson Gabriel from The Archers was the man I most wanted to marry!

8. My Dad was my "first prince" and I miss him every day of my life. There he is as a young man in the second photo, with a dog [of course] and the ladies.

I don't like tagging people so I won't, but if anyone else wants to do this one I'll be happy to read your thoughts.


Crushed said...

I did this one for Muts some time back.

Random facts
1. Nothing on TV.
2. Flatmate gone away.
3. Only two cans in the fridge.
4. Slightly Bored.
5. Caught up with a bit of sleep.
6. Been to the shop three times today, just to get out of the flat.
7. The lightbulb has gone and I have no spares- so sitting in the dark.
8. Just had a big Bacon and Egg Sandwich.

Lee said...

Hahahaha! Glad to hear that "Wrecker Roberts" got her come-uppance, Welsh! ;) There always comes the time when a girl's patience is truly tested and one must retaliate!

Interesting revelations. Thanks for revealing all...well, some of "all"! :)

jmb said...

I love this eight random things meme and I've been tagged twice to do it. I don't mean that I love doing it, although I didn't mind too much. But I love reading other people's responses.
I never tagged anybody with it either. Just invited everyone if they wanted to.

Maria said...

8 facts about me:
1. I love french fries and would eat them every single day if I could.
2.I have quite a peculiar sense of humor and anytime I am telling a story that I deem to be funny I laugh so much no one understands. Yet they usually start to laugh and later have no idea why. *(LOL)*
3.I have stayed in my pajamas all day today!
4.I am never ever with out my cell phone and honestly I hate the phone yet I am paranoid with out it. Sometimes i won't even answer it.
5.I read my horoscope *(scorpio)* every day!
6. I love crosswords puzzels.
7. I love cartoons, especially Tom and Jerry!
8. I want ice cream right now but it's 1:30 in the morning here and I have none in the fridge?? What's a girl to do???

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Nice list, Crushed. I like no 6! Lee, if I met her again today, I think I'd do the same thing! Ciao, jmb. I remember reading yours and finding them very interesting. I love reading other people's, too. Hi, M. Love your list. I'm sure your laughter is very infectious. I like Tom & Jerry too.

Liz Hinds said...

Nelson Gabriel, Welshcakes?! Although he had a heart of gold underneath his witty, roguish and debonair exterior. Anyway I loved Thunderbird 3 and he was a wooden puppet, so I should talk!

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Hi, Liz. Yes, such a loveable rogue! Thunderbird 3, huh?!!

Colin Campbell said...

I like this one. It definitely has been around the globe a few times.

Random Facts
1. I am almost always just on time or late.
2. I am hopeless with money
3. I am an early bird
4. I haven't lived in the UK since 1984
5. I like strong coffee
6. I love old maps
7. I hate jigsaws
8. Radio over Television

kizzie said...

Gorgeous kid!
"6. I have no team spirit and hate all sport: not certain sports - all of it. I'll even angrily turn off the news when the sports stuff comes on."
oh same here! I just told my sister the other day BBC wastes so much time on sports news

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

CC, nice list. I'm with you on 2, 7 & 8. Kizzie, a kindred spirit!


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